HTC A9 will be coming in November; loaded with a deca-core processor

Taiwanese smartphone company HTC intends on reversing its bad run with the release of its A9 handset. The device was originally being called HTC Aero, but it looks like the company will be producing a rebranded set of devices that are most probably going to appear in both 2015, and 2016. The biggest difference surrounding HTC A9 and One M9 is that the former will be running Helio X20, while the previously released one was running a Snapdragon 810.

Now, the latest string of images of HTC A9 have been leaked and the phone looks like an absolute beauty. According to the visual details, the smartphone is going to feature a screen size of 5.5 inches, and will be available to purchase in both gold, and silver color variants. Aesthetically, HTC has spared no expensive in decorating the smartphone, so let us hope that the device performs well in all segments in order to rescue the company from freefall.

Similar to HTC’s One M9, A9 could possess a resolution of 1080p, which is the right approach to follow since battery life will be consumed at a far less rate as compared to those displays that give out a resolution measuring at 2560 by 1440 pixels. While the amount of RAM has not been disclosed, we expect HTC A9 to be fitted with 4GB in order to compliment the 10 core processor present inside Helio X20.

The camera sensor is expected to be a 20.7MP Sony IMX240, which is the same one present in the likes of Galaxy S6, so as a result, it will severely improve the camera experience of the user. According to the source, the price tag of HTC A9 is expected to be in between the range 3,000-4,000 Yuan, which is equivalent to $467.85-$623.71 USD. Hopefully, HTC will finally be able to make up for its terrible sales performance, which has all but exhausted the finances of the company. We will keep you updated with more information regarding the specifications of HTC A9 so watch out.

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