Beelink GTQ: Bringing You The Best of Android and HD TV

Power-packed with a quad core processor and the amazing Android 5.1, the Beelink GTQ TV Box allows you to seamlessly stream through thousands of movies and TV shows from your preferred streaming services. With the flexibility of Android Lollipop, you can use it to run any of your favorite apps from the Google Play Store on the big screen.

Bringing in the best features of a mini PC on to your high definition LED TV, the Beelink GTQ TV Box enables you to play apps, games and stream hours of movies with Android 5.1 Lollipop mounted on to a one-inch TV box. With huge internal and external storage capacity and lots of connectivity options, the device is sure to impress you.

The Beelink GTQ TV Box comes with an in-built KODI / XBMC media streaming center that allows you to attach it with any suitable free TV or movie addons. The device can be used to play any form of media on to your TV set by simply casting it from an android smartphone or tablet. The TV Box can be easily connected to a USB or network storage device.

The device comes with a sleek metal shell that is not only sophisticated but also durable. As for the tech specs, the Beelink GTQ TV Box comes with Gigabit 1000M Ethernet, 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB ROM and up to 32 GB expandable capacity via external storage. This means you can run everything from casual apps and short clips to hard-core games and HD movies without the slightest disruption.

The Beelink GTQ also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support, meaning you can easily connect it to your smartphone or tablet band transfer files wirelessly. It is also powered with an HDMI 4.1 connector to easily plug it in to any television set for immediate streaming. Connectivity is not at all a problem, as there are also several USB ports available to connect your mouse, keyboard and other input devices. Finally, with an infra-red remote control to top it all up, the Beelink GTQ will enable you to turn any ordinary television set into a fully powered android desktop.

To imagine all the features packed up into it, the device is just one inch tall with a sleek metal protective covering. That is, in our belief, nothing short of wizardry. It also comes with a full-proof manufacturer warranty, just in case there is trouble.

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