Xiaomi Firmly believes that Android will be the future of Smartphones

Today, the Phoenix-Sponsored 2015 LINK + General Assembly was held in the center of the Chinese film director, Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi said, compared to iOS, Android will be the future of Smartphones, Xiaomi firmly believes.

When asked about the investment of resources in iOS and Android in the two camps, Lin Bin said, Xiaomi firmly supports Android camp, mainly because Android is open enough to allow Internet companies such as Xiaomi opportunities, allow them to grow and offer useful user focuses services, including huge chunks of data. Xiaomi firmly believes Android will be the future, he added.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi is gradually weakening the association of MIUI version and Android version. Meanwhile, Lin Bin says the Redmo Note 2’s future of development will be based on the depth of customization than stock Android offers, and it’s pretty good, he said yesterday. Compared to P8 and Meizu MX5 and other domestic flagship phones, and spend more than two thousand true worth.

While the idea behind the thought that Android will eventually will out over iOS, is no longer an idea, Lin Bin strongly feels that, with MIUI and other skins of similar attributes, Android will be the future of Smartphones, with more customization offerings.




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