Huawei’s next smartphone photos and benchmark leaked

September approaches, and with it a flurry of presentations of new mobile devices. IFA starts on 4 September and the major players have announced the date for their opening conference, which presumably will announce new products as in the case of Sony or Samsung, but now it’s the turn of Huawei.

The chinese manufacturer has confirmed that there will be a presentation on September 2, as one of the prerequisites to this technology fair acts and, while not directly confirm, they have dropped the device discussed in this event will be their next phablet.

The device has been leaked on several occasions in recent weeks under the name of Huawei Mate 8, but the latest tracks show that its final name may be Huawei Mate 7S. Shortly after confirmation by Huawei, the Huawei Mate 7S was TENAA published by the telecommunications regulatory body in China, exposing some images.




There are many discrepancies about the final name of this model, but also on your specifications. On September 2 we will leave doubts, but while we wait we can already have a look at its design, courtesy of the blog GSMdome.

In the first the current Huawei Mate 7 appears next to Huawei Mate 7S and some design differences are appreciated, but is virtually unchanged. If you look at the top, the front camera has moved to the right and left earpiece is what looks like an LED flash for selfies.

At the bottom, Huawei logo has moved within the screen, while the current model is recorded in the housing. Otherwise the design does not seem to have many changes, with a form of rounded corners and very tight to the edges of the display device.

According to TENAA will be available in black and gold and there will be three versions for the Chinese market, one for each of the main players in the Asian country.




It is called as is called; the new Mate seems to have appeared in the benchmark AnTuTu revealing many of its characteristics, as seen in the attached image.


The next Huawei Mate comes with a 5.7 “screen with 1080p resolution, 20MP camera / 8MP 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.


As the heart of the phone are 935 Kirin HISILICON Huawei CPU chip with a 2.1GHz eight-core and GPU Mali-T628MP4. At the time it was tested, the phone ran Android 5.0 Lollipop.


These specifications add up pretty well with what we heard so far, although there have been some surprises as the main camera, which was thought to be of 13MP, and screen resolution, which said it could be QHD.


The score in AnTuTu is 46 776, which is not bad but not anything to write. In the graphic things they are not anything special, since the 3D performance is 11,946 points. It is therefore halfway between LG LG G3 and G4 in performance.

Via MyDrivers

Leaked TENAA images from GSMDome

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