Can A Xiaomi Note Receive Calls When Submerged Underwater?

A new video has emerged on Chinese video sharing website Tudou, which shows a Xiaomi Note smartphone under almost two and a half feet (70 cm) of water in an inflatable pool. The user who uploaded the video on the net, goes by the name @Crazy Yang on the popular video sharing site, and presumably wanted to see whether the phone can receive signal when submerged under water. The smartphone of course, was wrapped in a plastic bag, which prevented it from being destroyed.

However, when trying to make an incoming call from another device, the Xiaomi Note was unable to receive any signal on either of the two SIM cards in it. The China Unicom SIM showed almost no signal.

It is worth mentioning that the phone did not sink in the water the first time around. That was when Yang decided to tie up a rock to add some additional weight to the phone, which helped to make it sink to the bottom of the inflatable pool.

You can watch the original video on Tudou.

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