Meizu Flyme 5 OS release might take longer than expected

Long before the release of the Meizu MX5 reports stated that the new device would incorporate the Flyme 5 OS but much to our disappointment the MX5 only had the Flyme 4.5


So now the question is, when is the Flyme 5 finally going to be released?

This question has been answered by Meizu’s Chief designer Yang Yan himself who was quoted as saying that the day we wait for is not July 29th atleast– the day the charming blue 2 is launched. The event will not reveal anything related to Flyme so we’ll have to keep waiting for now.

Yang also said that he expected it to take sometime before the Flyme 5 was up and running since the OS still has some issues that need resolving and Meizu would rather wait then release a lackluster OS that would just be a disappointment.

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