Lenovo VIBE P1 to feature a battery for the kings!

Lenovo VIBE P1

Lenovo has a history of defining itself through it’s P-Series that hosts its premium devices. With the P780,the series got an exceptionally long battery life as its defining feature and when Lenovo announced the VIBE P1 it was something to look forward to.

A few days ago, the Lenovo VIBE P1 was officially confirmed and as was hoped the device inherits the distinct high quality genes of the P series, ultra long standby/power capability. It has also been confirmed that the Lenovo VIBE P1 will feature a battery capacity of somewhere around 5000mAh! That is the largest battery we have ever had in a smartphone!

The confirmation of the VIBE P1 also confirmed the earlier spy photo that was made available. The device is built of metal supplemented by golden decorations as was the feature of previous P series devices. The back has a clear corner with a large curved surface back shell. The power and volume keys are found on the right side and add to the device’s aesthetics. Also, recent lenovo devices have made being thin a norm and the VIBE P1 also follows the law.

However, we must mention here that P1’s exact battery storage has been marred by speculation. The p1mc50 internal model of the VIBE P1 according to network information has a capacity of 3900 mAh while the market edition is reported to have 5k mAh of battery capacity. This discrepancy is bizarre and we hope it is soon cleared out by the company.

With the current information that is available on the device we can expect it to fall into the higher region of smartphone prices considering it is to be a ‘flagship’ device. Some concrete truths will hopefully be announced  in August and the intensive exposure means the VIBE P1 officially will arrive at the stage, soon afterwards.

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