The Color Of Xiaomi’s Latest Earphones Have Got Chinese Social Networks Buzzing

Earlier today, Xiaomi announced that the company’s latest earphones will be available for sale starting tomorrow. The earphones are slated to come in two different versions. The Youth version is priced at 49 Yuan () and the Standard edition has been priced at 99 Yuan (). The earphones come with an integrated microphone for making and receiving calls, and will be available in three different colors. Black, White and Sky Titanium. Xiaomi says, they have introduced different color options to better meet the choices of individual users.

While the black and white are standard colors, the bright hue of the Sky Titanium has got people on Chinese social networks buzzing. There’s an intense debate going on about what base color this Sky Titanium shade really belongs to. While some are of the opinion that it is just another shade of green, others are passionately arguing about it being a shade of blue. While neither party is backing down from their stated positions, it is probably not doing Xiaomi’s chances any harm whatsoever, of shifting a ton of these devices, with so much free word of the mouth publicity.

Xiaomi had introduced its first generation earphones last year in the market in Rose Gold, Crystal Pink and Crystal Silver. The company also has a headphone that sells for .99. The company has also been on a product launching spree, introducing a slew of new smart products recently, including smart air conditioners, smart lamps and smart routers. The company is also scheduled to launch its next generation flagship smartphone, the Mi5, by the end of the year, and there’s also talk of a new variant being launched this time around, called the Mi5 Plus.

While the company is increasing its product portfolio in China, it is also expanding its reach worldwide, as it has been busy taking’s its products to Brazil, Turkey, Russia and Mexico at some point in this year.

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