Xiaomi Launches Yeelight Smart Lamp For 249 Yuan ($60)

Xiaomi had released a smart air conditioner on Wednesday, in association with appliance maker Midea. Yesterday, at the conference held in Beijing, Xiaomi had launched a new smart router and a Wi-Fi amplifier. However, in the frenzy over the router and its mammoth 6TB storage space, sections of the media glossed over other equally interesting and quirky products, introduced by the company.

One of the smart devices launched by Xiaomi yesterday, was a smart bedside lamp named Yeelight. The smart lamp sports an alloy and acrylic structure, and supports gesture control. The feature allows the lamp to be controlled by sliding your hand over the top of the device, which is where the sensor is located. The gesture control feature can be used to adjust brightness, to change colors and to switch the device on and off.

Another interesting feature of the lamp, is that it supports 16 million colors, which can be changed depending on the mood or requirement of the user. The lamp can be charged through a 12V / 1A charger in real time, and can also be controlled through a smartphone via Bluetooth, according to Xiaomi. The Yeelight Smart Lamp is now listed on Xiaomi’s official website for a price of 249 Yuan ($60).

The product however, is only available for consumers in China for now, just like most of Xiaomi’s latest launches. For the uninitiated, Xiaomi has been on a product launching spree of late, with smart air conditioners, smart routers, Wi-Fi amplifiers and the like. The company has officially spelt out its strategy of moving towards making products for the smart and connected home, and its recent releases are keeping in line with its spelt out ambition.

With Xiaomi being so proactive with its new launches, it remains to be seen what the company has in store for us next. But equally importantly for consumers outside China, many are wondering about when the company might decide to launch some of these newly introduced products internationally.


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