Xiaomi introduces Smart Air Conditioners For 3099 Yuan ($500) In Partnership With Midea

Over the past few days, Xiaomi has been advertising the imminent launch of a new product, towards its goal of creating a smart home. The company has also been advertising a “0 Yuan Trial” for a smart device it was about to launch. The slogan for the product was “Keep cool in the hot summer”. While sections of the media for some reason believed Xiaomi was about to launch a smart fan of some description, it has turned out to be a smart air conditioner, now that Xiaomi has come out with more details.

The smart AC has been developed by Xiaomi in conjunction with Midea, an appliance maker based out of Shunde, Guangdong. Unlike conventional air conditioners, users won’t have to manually set the temperature, wind speed, and other functions in this new range of smart ACs from Xiaomi. There will be automatic settings according to preset preferences, and ambient conditions, which will enable temperature and humidity controls etc. to be fully automated. One of the most interesting aspects of the smart air conditioners is their ability to sync with the Mi band as well, whereby, the ACs will be automatically powered-on when a user reaches home and will also automatically go into low-power sleep mode once the user goes to bed. The devices will be available in three color options, and are priced at 3099 Yuan.

Late last year, Xiaomi was reported to have invested $200 million in Chinese appliance maker Midea to further its smart home ambition. One of the leading Midea engineers involved in the project, said that the AC is just one part of the picture. According to him, the strategic partnership between Xiaomi and Midea will eventually bring about a whole gamut of new smart devices including smart washing machines, air purifiers, humidifiers and refrigerators.

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