MIUI V5 & V6 Camera Comparison – Contrast & Brightness

One of the most important selling factor for Xiaomi phones, as Mi offered more value than anyone else in the market. Xioami excelled at this because of it’s software optimization for camera. If you doubt this, just look at the camera samples of MIUI camera and AOSP or Google camera apps on the same phone, you’ll be amazed at the results (This is also the reason why people complain that CM11 on Xiaomi phones destroys the camera quality). Now that MIUI v6 have been released, we’re really curious about the differences that the stock camera app in v6 have made over v5. Read on for the comparison.

Comparison -MIUI v5 vs v6 camera

MIUI v5 camera interface on the left, and v6 on the right.

As you can see, the interface have given up the old design and evolved into the new flat design, to match v6’s new design. All those shaded icons have gone and we now have a flat modern designed shutter button.

Left is a shot taken with v5 camera, and a similar photo taken in v6 camera.

You can see there is definitely a difference in sharpness and contrast with both the pictures. The sharpness is relatively good with the second shot, which was taken at a cloudy 17.00.

MIUI v5 camera samples

Indoor shots – there is a little bit of grain in the indoor pictures.

The sharpness is not enough and the level also. The top of the building seems a little washed out.

From these images, we can see that the clarity is not bad. But the colors are not accurate enough. The leaves sometimes lack the sharpness at all places. Close up shots are great, sometimes color reproduction is not that good, especially bright lighting conditions. Other than that, the images are quite good and beats every other phones in the same range. Now let’s check how the MIUI v6 camera performs.

By MIUI v6 Camera

Four different types of shots. See the clouds, they are not washed out.

The buildings having sharp edges are not washed out and you can clearly distinguish between the escalators, even up to the top of it. Also the buildings show off their sharpness in the second picture.

Comparing the leaves images of both MIUI v6 and v5, I can say that the sharpness has increased greatly, and also the color reproduction.

After looking into this much photographs, all I can say is MIUI has really improved on image processing over all these years. The images in v6 are much better and sharper than it’s on v5. To improve on quality on the same hardware is not that easy, and not many manufacturers have done that (without any change in hardware!).

Let us know what you think about this comparison!

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