17 Pin arrives, a new Xiaomi Set for Tea

Xiaomi always tries to have the highest number of quality home electronic products and at a very affordable price in the market. This time it is a tea set called 17 Pin that offers us a way to make tea more comfortable and practical.

This new product has 4 glasses and a jug made with glass tempered by craftsmen, so you will not have to worry about cracking or distorting the glass since the material is quite resistant to the heat of the boiling water.

17 Pin arrives, a new Xiaomi Set for Tea

Inside, we have a colander of infusions with which we can put the product that we will use to put the tea and with a green strip to move the strainer to where we want to facilitate its preparation and we can place it upwards to serve the tea with greater comfort.

The jug has a volume of 800 cubic centimeters and a height of 20 cm, some measures that will allow us to store a lot of tea. While the vessels have a maximum capacity of 950 cubic centimeters with a height of 10 cm.

17 Pin arrives, a new Xiaomi Set for Tea

Without a doubt, this is another quality product brought to us by Xiaomi, letting us know that this great Chinese company can venture into any market with success and great prices. The most interesting thing about this tea set is its design very well thought for the comfort at the time of making infusions and some very resistant handmade construction materials made to store hot drinks to perfection, tea lovers will be happy to have a product well in the market.

This product was launched through the Xiaomi crowfounding platform, so you can buy your tea set at the price of $ 20 at the brand’s official online store.


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