[11.11 Sale] Buy MEIZU EP51 Bluetooth Earphone for Only $19.99 [Massive Deal]

There is an undeniable fact that the wireless earphone market is drastically growing. With even budget phones like Xiaomi Mi A2 dropping the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. Manufacturers have been releasing several wireless devices left, right and center. Meizu is one such brand that deserves some attention. The Meizu EP51 Bluetooth earphones feature 8.6mm drivers, a built-in microphone, up to 6 hours of battery life, stylish design & super-lightweight construction materials. Anyways is the Bluetooth earphones EP51 by Meizu, worth buying? Let’s find out!


Meizu is a brand that desperately respects design thus no wonder the EP51 looks stunningly good. The very first reason I wanted to use these earphones was because of the way it looks. The Meizu EP51 is a pure craftsmanship. For $19.99, it has a pretty stylish look and is well built with aircraft-grade aluminum and surprisingly weighs only 15 grams. The device is undoubtedly comfortable and lightweight in terms of design. Also this is a great pair of headphone which is perfect for runners as its wireless design allows you to get rid of the annoying long headphone wires. Also the device is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging your device.

The earphone is built with precision. The subtle tilt of the ear-tips, definitely keeps the aesthetics and usage in mind. One thing that I must accept is that the foam ear-tips are extremely soft and doesn’t hurt you in-spite of even overtime usage. Further the foams do serve the purpose of avoiding certain level of external noise. Okay one thing I love about these earphones is that both the earbuds have a magnetic logo which can stick together and thus preventing the cables from getting tangled-up.

Down the cavity runs a pretty sturdy red cable which leads to the controller. The controller rim has a volume rocker, a micro usb charging port and a microphone. The buttons are tacky and works pretty well. The microphone is where meize has cut-down the cost. The audio receiver offered on the Meizu EP51 is pretty average. While recording there was a lot of fuzziness and it also in takes a lot of unwanted external noise. This is one major drawback I encountered on this particular model.

Performance & Connectivity

When it comes to wireless earphones the major consideration might be connectivity. Definitely Meizu did take care of that. The connectivity is great, with the Bluetooth 4.1 technology the Meizu EP51 stayed connected without any issue within 10 meters range although after that the signal started fading.

The Meizu EP51 is well calibrated to maintain the mids. The sound quality is pretty good for the price tag. In-fact I really loved the way these earphones performed. The vocals were pretty sharp and the bass never stepped over the mid frequencies. This level of calibration on a mid-range earphones is pretty impressive. Okay one drawback on the audio production was the volume. It is lower then I expected, although the company knowingly did that as to protect your ears from damaging due to loud music.

Battery Performance

With 2 hours of charging the device delivered an average battery performance of 6 Hours which is not that great but I still think 6 hours is a pretty good time for any regular or average user. The 60mAh isn’t a great offering on a wireless earphone but what more can you expect from a under $20 wireless earphone

Price & Verdict

The Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Earphones aren’t the best headphones you’ll ever see, but considering what you paid, this is a pretty impressive pair of earphones. In-fact with the 11.11 sales the Meizu EP51 are probably the best pair of wireless earphones that you’ll get for this price tag. The Meizu EP51 bluetooth earphones is a great option that I’d highly recommend for anyone whose looking for some amazing earphones at least expense. Definitely its not the best but does offer more than what you pay.

Price: $19.99 (Hurry Up 11.11 Sale!)

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