10 Ways to use your Panini Press Every Day

The Panini press is one of the useful kitchen tools that can be used to cook delicious Italian sandwiches called Panini. Not only the Panini, but you can cook several delicious dishes using the best Panini press. Usually, the Panini grills come in stove-top and the countertop models which plug into the electrical outlet. A few come with one piece having a hinge attachment while the others come up with two separate pieces. The two-piece models are called the cast iron.

Foods You can Cook Using the Panini Press

Though you don’t need Panini press to cook the grilled sandwiches, but if you have it in your kitchen, you can surely utilize it to cook many other dishes. If you have the top rated Panini press maker in your kitchen which is multitasking as well, then you can cook different food items quickly and creatively.


You can use the best Panini press as a mini grill for cooking sweet, smoky asparagus, sweet potato slices, eggplant, or any other vegetable of your choice. Before you grill these vegetables, make sure to brush them with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Meat & Chicken

The thin boneless cuts of the meat can be cooked in real quick time without the need for a lot of fat. A Panini press is a great appliance to cook kebabs and bacons too. You can grill the boneless cuts of the meat and cook the delicious finger licking meat in the Panini press.


You just need to marinate the sliced tofu in the day (try Korean BBQ and lemongrass marinades) and then cook it using the Panini press to have a great supper. It may take few minutes to cook the tofu. Once it is ready, you can taste best grilled tofu of the world.


The Halloumi cheese develops the golden crust having a milky soft center when grilled. It can be a great salad topper or an appetizer to be served in the meal. It will add the taste and presentation to the salad.


The savory and sweet varieties of the mocha are delicious when grilled. The glutinous rice cake turns gooey from inside and crispy from outside. You can use the best Panini press to make the tastiest Mochi dishes of the world.


You can easily grill the polenta slices in your Panini press and can use them as the base for your dessert or dinner. It adds presentation to your meal.


You can sprinkle the sliced fruit (pineapple, figs, and stone fruits are good) adding little sugar to it and grill it in your Panini Press to cook an excellent dessert on your own. You can present this dessert along with the cake.

Pound and Mini cakes

How about cooking a slice of toasty and warm pound cake? You must press the side with the butter before pressing. You can even bake the tiny cakes in the Panini press. It will add an extravagant crisp to the cake and will give a new flavor to it.

Ice Cream Cones

Have you ever heard about the homemade cones? Yes, you can cook these homemade cream cones using the Panini press. You simply need to grill the dough and roll it in the shape of cone. Once you have rolled, freeze it for at least 30 minutes. Your ice cream cone is now ready.

Sriracha Black Bean Burgers

These are crispy and slightly golden from outside and chewy from inside blended with sweetness, smokiness, and spiciness. You will fall in love with the Sriracha Black Bean Burgers from the first bite. This burger provides delicious taste and long lasting energy. Once you have grilled them in your Panini press, make them extra spicy by adding chili sauce.

The Bottom Line

The Panini press originally comes from the name of Italian dish ‘Panini’. Panini is basically a type of Italian sandwich that is filled with vegetables. It can turn out to be a handy appliance in your kitchen. The Panini press is usually called with the names Panini grill or Panini maker. You can easily buy the best Panini press from the stores and start cooking the delicious food to fill your appetite.


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