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10 Best Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early) | Ridiculously Good

In search of a Good Cheap Laptop? Well, search no more!


Compromise with laptops under 0 by sacrificing performance? It’s time to end this!

People usually think of buying a cheap laptop as a way of compromising performance. Also buying a performance-oriented laptop these days might leave a hole in your pocket; hence you tend to compromise the price and the equivalent quality. But now you don’t have to worry anymore. Xiaomitoday provides you with Top 10 Best Cheap Chinese Laptops for 2018 under $500. Also whose performance is astounding for “cheap” laptops. As of writing this article, all the laptops are available on Gearbest.

10 Best Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018(Early) – Let the Show Begin!

10. Yepo 737A

We present you another variant in 13.3-inch screen size, Yepo 737A Notebook. Yepo is a Chinese brand that sells laptops and tablets. 13.3 screen with FHD IPS LED display brings photos and videos to life. With a display ratio of 16:9, movie watching is more easy and comfortable.

Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz clocking up to 2.5GHz provides maximum high-efficiency power. Smoothly run your games with a 6 GB DDR3L RAM. The 8 GB RAM variant is also available. A low storage of just 64GB is provided which can be improved in subsequent versions. Though an expandable memory of 128 GB is provided.

A very low 0.3 MP Camera is present.Not a very good choice for video calling. Connections include a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, a DC Jack, Mini HDMI, slot TF card slot; two USB 3.0 ports are present. An 8000 mAH battery guarantees a standby time of 5-6 hours only. The thickness and great screen are what makes this laptop rank number ten on our list of 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early).


  • Good display
  • Decent RAM Capacity


  • Low battery life
  • Low storage space
  • Bad camera

XiaomiToday rating: 5.2/10

Cost: $263.95

9. Onda Xiaoma 41

We often see a single OS option on a laptop such as Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux and sometimes even, Android. Onda Xiaoma 41 has the option of choosing between Android and Windows. It has a sleek design like most notebooks, but it does not look modular thus failing our expectations.

The keyboard is quite sturdy but does bend if pressure is applied hence it is not suitable for keyboard-jamming situations such as gaming. Like most laptops within this range, it supports Intel Celeron N3450 Dual Core Processor and has integrated graphics as well.

It has a 2.0 MP camera which can give an okay quality but is much better than Lenovo V110 camera quality.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Sleek Build
  • Very Portable


  • Bends Easily on a keyboard
  • Minimal Graphics for Given Price Range

XiaomiToday rating: 5.6/10

Cost: $254.85

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8. DEEQ A156-4G

DEEQ systems are known for their stock systems at a low price. The same can be said for their Notebook, DEEQ A156-4G which has a DOS OS for which users have to manually install their OS as required.

It has integrated graphics and Intel Celeron processor thus making it efficient for necessities. It has humongous storage of 1TB HDD with 60GB SSD. Though it’s RAM holds DDR3 support it is extremely fast with 5400RPM which has quicker read and write time.

For the given price, DEEQ failed to show in its build quality with a blocky design. It seems overpriced for the given build and specifications although it surpasses others regarding storage specifications.


  • High Storage Capacity
  • Sturdy


  • Costly for given Specs
  • Minimal Graphics for Given Price Range
  • DOS OS

XiaomiToday rating: 6.0/10

Cost: $401.85

7. Jumper EZBook 3S

Jumper EZBook 3S is an affordable laptop with a better-than-average design. Jumper sells laptops, mini-PCs, and tablets. Heavily influenced by MacBook Air, it is similar at design but very different in functioning. A full metal body with chrome effect gives it’s posher look. It has an Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core with a speed of 1.1GHz clocking up to 2.2 GHz.Intel Turbo Boost Technology delivers extra dynamic power when you need it. An Intel HD Graphics 500 is placed on all your graphic card needs.

A 14.1 inch 1080p is one of the best displays out there for such a low price. A 6 GB DDR3 RAM is helpful in multitasking. A 256 GB storage capacity is so much better than other laptops with the same price range. Also, another 128GB TF card can be used for expandable memory. Not an ideal device for video recording or video calling as it comes with only a 0.3 MP camera. Bluetooth 4.0 helps in faster transmission of data. It comes along with a TF card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, Mini HDMI slot, DC Jack and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack.

A Li-ion polymer 4800mAh battery provides a standby time of 3-5 hours only. It may not be an ideal laptop for carrying around daily as it weighs 3.0 kg.


  • Good design
  • Better RAM and ROM


  • Low battery life
  • Heavy laptop to carry around
  • Poor camera

XiaomiToday rating: 6.3/10

Cost: $329.98

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6. BBEN N45S Ultra Notebook

BBEN is known for creating one the best and cheapest gaming systems. The same can be said for their cost-effective notebook, BBEN N45S Ultra Notebook.

It has one the best build quality that is seen on this list with also the slimmest design compared to most notebooks. As expected of its design, it does have a dull performance and heating issues when under stress (such as opening multiple tabs). However, this notebook is useful for anyone who is always on the move and requires minimal task completion with the system. It supports Intel Celeron N3450 Processor which can handle much better tasks than most slim notebooks.

It has an amazing front camera which supports 720p recording and helping you to video chat with your friends without compromising the quality of the video call. Like most thin notebooks it has integrated graphics from Intel (Intel HD 500), which can be used for minimal photo-editing software.


  • Great Camera
  • Okay Value for Money
  • Sleek Build
  • Thinnest Notebook


  • Heating Issues
  • Minimal Graphics for Given Price Range
  • Quite Delicate compared to other Notebooks

XiaomiToday rating: 7.7/10

Cost: $436.78

5. Lenovo V110 – 14 Notebook

One of the famous Chinese Manufacturers for systems and laptops alike, Lenovo does provide a standard comparison to all the other products on our list. The build of Lenovo V110 -14 has a cheap build which is to be expected with the price given although their local service support is much better than other major Chinese manufacturers.

A major aspect in which the product amazes us is that the specifications are just perfect for the given price range. It runs on the latest Windows 10 OS which enables you to utilize the full potential and also enjoy the sleek design of the OS. It supports a dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 Processor which has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz to 2.5 GHz hence making all your work tasks smooth unless you are heavily loading the system.

Its graphical component is a downfall since it has integrated graphics of Intel HD 500 which is used for very little games in this current era. However, it can be used for basic photo-editing software hence not much of a compromise on the performance. The battery life is substandard and can last up to 6-8 hours depending on usage. A pure black color, ThinkPad inspired design, and great price over performance ratio is what makes it stand at number 5 on our list of 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early).


  • Overall Excellent Gadget Performance
  • Great Value for Money
  • User-Friendly


  • Cheap Build
  • Minimal Graphics for Given Price Range
  • Terrible Camera Quality

XiaomiToday rating: 7.8/10

Cost: $422.26

4. Chuwi LapBook Air CWI539

Drawing design elements from MacBook Air, Lapbook Air CWI1539 is a budget laptop by CHUWI who are known for selling brand tablet pcs, smart robot cleaners and some other digital electronic products. Chuwi Lapbook Air CWI1539 is a 14.1-inch laptop that has 1080p screen with a display ratio of 16:9. It’s 6mm edges, and a magnesium-aluminum chassis give a premium feel. It weighs around 1.74kg.

Powered by Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz, it can be overclocked to 2.2GHz & the GPU is Intel HD Graphics 500 which helps you in playing games and running high-end software with 8GB DDR3 RAM. For a low price bracket, Lapbook Air has a good storage capacity of 128GB to store all your photos & videos.

A 2.0 front camera aids in video calling and provides a decent image quality. Li-ion polymer battery provides a long lasting 7-8 standby time. It comes with an authorized Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The dimly lit logo is another nod to Apple’s devices. The appearance which even surpasses MacBook Air is what makes this laptop stand at 4th position in our list of 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early).


  • 8GB RAM for a low price
  • Beautiful design
  • Good battery life


  • Performance could be better
  • Speakers aren’t good

XiaomiToday rating:8.0/10

Cost: $400

3. Daysky D-Book Pro

For all gamers who are willing to spend the time but not that much on money can definitely invest on Daysky D-Book Pro, which is the performance beast in this list.

It has the same specification as most laptops in this list, Intel Celeron N3450 Dual Processor but it has Nvidia Geforce 940MX Graphics making it the only gaming laptop in this list. It can handle most casual and competitive games but might be capped due to CPU configuration. It has a Compact design similar to Alienware gaming systems, and for the price given, it compromises on the build quality. No one can imagine having a Nvidia 940MX Graphics under $400, which makes this laptop stand in top 3 of our list of 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early).


  • High SSD Capacity
  • Alienware-Like Design
  • Best Graphics for Given Price Range
  • Best Value for Money for Gamers


  • Low Build Quality
  • Low Standby Charge Time

XiaomiToday rating: 8.3/10

Cost: $396.99

2. VOYO VBook V3 Flagship Ultrabook

Voyo’s flagship laptop VBook V3 Ultrabook is convertible drawing inspiration from Lenovo Yogapad series. An affordable convertible laptop, it is available in grey and orange colors. The 360-degree rotary design provides four styles to use the device- Tablet, Stand, Tent, and Laptop.

Powered by Intel Core M3-6Y30 Dual Core with only 900 MHz speed, it can be clocked at 2.2GHz too. GPU is Intel HD Graphics 515. Enjoy a wonderful movie and video watching experience with a 13.3 inch 1080p IPS screen.The best part? It is a 10-point Capacitive screen allowing the device to be used in a tablet mode too.

It supports the faster transmission of data with Bluetooth 4.0. A USB 3.0 port, HDMI, and a SIM card reader. For a low price range, RAM is 4GB which could have been more. 128 GB storage capacity can be doubled with another expandable 128GB storage card.There are two cameras – one at the front and one at the back – each being 2.0 MP camera. A 10000mAh battery ensures an 8-hour video playback time. Cheap, creative, premium design is what makes this laptop stand at number 2 in our list of 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early).


  • Premium design
  • Multiple ways of using the device
  • Touchscreen
  • Multi-Camera Setup


  • Less RAM
  • Not efficient battery life

XiaomiToday rating: 8.4/10

Cost: $477.87

1. VOYO V3 Pro Notebook

Are you worried about compromising security while searching for a cheap laptop? Fret not as Voyo V3 Pro is just the laptop to secure your information with a fingerprint scanner. It supports Intel Celeron N3450 and has integrated graphics meaning it will handle most of your daily processes.

10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018

It has 128GB SSD Capacity as well as 8GB DDR3(expandable to 16GB) making your file transfers smooth and reliable. It has a 0.3MP front camera which is not suitable for high-quality video calls and pictures. It comes with a stylus should you feel the needs to draw on your screen hence can be used by professional artists who are tight on money. It has a smooth touch interface along with a sleek design making it possible to show off your drawing and swiping skills to your friends and colleagues.

For Price-to-Performance ratio Voyo V3 Pro gives the best in the list and the only system that provides safety mechanisms to secure your data.


  • High SSD Capacity
  • Sleek Design
  • Fingerprint Scan
  • Best Value for Money
  • Touch Screen


  • Low Camera Quality
  • Minimal Graphics for Given Price Range

XiaomiToday rating: 8.6/10

Cost: $378.99

We hoped you liked our list of the top 10 Cheap Chinese Laptops 2018 (Early). Are we missing some good cheap laptops? Let us know in the comment section below.

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