10 Best 4K Camera in 2018: Now Available

10 Best 4K Camera in 2018: Now Available

The 10 best 4K camera are like the dream to the most photographers in this age. Let’s know what are the 10 best 4K cameras available in the 2018 market. In order to simplify the work, we released the most appropriate10 best 4K camera currently available and cut it, so we made a total.

1. Panasonic Lumix GH 5S

That is an invisible video tool. If you want to take professional quality photos without borrowing your home to buy a professional video camera, you cannot find a video camera that is better focused on the better than now. Look at the list of 10 best 4K camera 2018.

10 best 4K camera

2. Panasonic Lumix GH 5

Lumix GH 5 has a rich set of 4K working functions. Until the Lumix GH 5 S releases, GH 5 was the first choice for those who wanted to take a video. GH 5, which is considerably cheaper than the new GH 5 S, has more flexibility for those who want to take pictures and videos, and the video specification is still impressive. With 60p you can record Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) 150 Mbps bit rate HD video up to 180 frames / sec. See our list 10 best 4K camera.This is not all, as GH 5 provides color subsampling of 4: 2: 2 and 10 bit color depth, resulting in better color information and wide slope. GH 5 also provides live output, simultaneous internal recording to external recorder such as Apple ProRes via HDMI.

3. Sony Alpha A7S II

Excellent movie material, great dynamic small size – not what you like? While saying that it is the best video camera available when reviewing the A7S II, many things have changed in the market, but for video recorders it is a sure choice. One of the major selling points of the market (recording 4K footage) is compared with many other things, but the number of pixels of the sensor separated from competitors is small. Dynamic areas are more sensitive and steadily higher than competitors, but noise is lower than other brands. This has the advantage that the full width of the sensor is used for video recording, recording to the memory card is possible, and the 4: 2: 2 download is sent to the HDMI recorder. Read out the full article to get the list of 10 best 4K camera 2018.

4. Sony Alpha A 6500

The Sony 4K APS – C model is a distributor. Alpha A 6300 based on previous APS-C has been a huge success for fans, the Alpha A 6500 is based on its success in many ways. In addition, full focus continuous shooting of 11 ips in the dustproof / moistureproof housing is possible with the focus / focus system 425 for high speed focus, the 2.46 million dot OLED viewfinder. We are welcomed by Sony’s 5 axis image stabilization system. Now as the price goes down, it will be a good choice as an upgrade compared to the previous Sony model based on APS – C. Read the article carefully and see our list of 10 best 4K camera 2018.

5. Nikon D850

High resolution meets high speed. Read full article to find full list of 10 best 4K camera and achieve knowledge more. This year, the successor model of the long-awaited D810 appeared earlier this year, Nikon did not give up the specification indeed. With the new 45.4 megapixel full frame sensor, advanced 153 dot AF system, rotary touch screen and many connection options 7 frame / s D850 is the most advanced digital single lens reflex we have seen. On the video side, there are a lot of loved ones.  It can also record at 120 frames / second with full HD quality. Vivid digital SLR is ideal for video recording.

6. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

The high-end OM-D model is impressive with photos and videos. In “The Best Micro Four Thirds Camera”, I tried Olympus OM-E E-M1 Mark II. Olympus is a much improved area than the previous model. In addition to receiving 4K DCI and UHD recording, by combining the touch screen with the benefits of 4: 2: 2 clear HDMI output, headphone jack for audio tracking, the Olympus hybrid AF fast system. Despite shooting photos and videos, you can use one of the most effective image stabilization systems you’ve seen so far. Other reasons the camera was awarded in five stars are exceptional weathering, realistic EVF, continuous shooting AF and AE of 18 frames / sec.

7. FUJIFILM X-T2 (10 best 4K camera)

The Retro X series welcomes the first 4K members. X-T2 is undoubtedly one of the most important snapshots in the past 12 months and shows how far FUJIFILM made with X series video. The 4K UHD material generates¬† oversampling. More detailed information can obtain if necessary, the starting materials are clearer, artificially less dangerous. When accessing the gamma profile, you can also create 4: 2: 2 shots with the camera’s HDMI port (8 bit format).

8. Panasonic Lumix G80 / G85

With an excellent built-in IS system, the G80 is suitable for hands-free reception. This is one of Panasonic’s new features of the Lumix camera series without mirrors, but the Lumix G80 (known as G 85 in the US) is relatively new, so it has the advantage of having the latest technology. Dual IS Mark II can stabilize the body and lens images. The fact that a “unique” camera has a 16 MP sensor compensated¬† the fact that it does not have a low pass filter. We found it is very detailed, Moire sometimes saw images only. Look at the list of 10 best 4K camera to get more information.

9. Sony Cyber-shot RX 10 IV

Clear traveling camera with excellent video – but with that honor. If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one, Sony’s brilliant RX 10 IV will not go anywhere. Combining the high speed 24/600 mm f / 2.4-4 lens with the 20.2 MP 1 stacking sensor set and the 315 point AF fast set makes it a very flexible photo.

10. Sony Cyber-shot RX 100V

You cannot change huge numbers, but his ability is no doubt. Sony has made great success in the RX 100 series. The latest RX 100 V becomes the place where Mark IV stopped. Most video specifications shares with RX10 III, but the material record 1.7 times as needed and resized to 10 best 4K camera 2018.

The above mentioned 10 best 4K camera are just awesome for making your dream true. So, don’t late, just purchase any one and upgrade yourself soon.


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