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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed life. Since the global pandemic, most people have faced various problems. It has become very difficult to travel alone without worrying about safety. However, FIIDO brings D11 folding electric bicycles to people who often travel in the city to make a living, daily work or daily work. FIIDO D11 can also work as an ordinary bicycle to maintain health and vitality during persistent difficult times.

FIIDO D11 Electric bikes are now available at geekbuying for just $999 using coupon code: Coupon Code 1($999.99): D11BIKEC and Coupon Code 2($999.99): GKB517. This new bike has been carefully designed and super efficient, bringing an engaging smart riding experience. It uses green technology, zero emissions, and a driving distance of up to 100 kilometers. This is a way to redefine the urban cycling experience.


Price Without Coupon Code: $1299.99
Price With Coupon Code: ($999.99): D11BIKEC
Coupon Code 2($999.99): GKB517

FIIDO D11 Specifications:

General Brand: FIIDO
Type: Electric Bicycle
Model: D11
Color: Blue
Power Assist System: 3 gear power boost
Operating Temperature: -10-50Celsius
Maximum Speed: 25km/h
Battery: Lion battery
Input Voltage: 100-240V
System Voltage: 36V
Amps: 11.6Ah
Recharge Time: 7 hours
Electricity-assisted Mileage (reference): 100KM
Display: LCD Display
Drive Type: Rear Drive
Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
Brake Type: Mechanical Disc Brakes
Chainset: Steel 52 Tooth
Gears: Shimano
Chain: kmc Z7
Pedals Included: Yes
Grips: Rubber
Handlebars: Aluminium Alloy
Pedals: Alloy
Motor: Brushless gear motor
Rear Hub: 250W motor
Rims: Alloy
Wheel Size: 20″
Tire Size: 20×1.75 inch
Tires: CST
Saddle Height: 80cm-110cm

Advantages of FIIDO D11 Electric Bike

At the moment of the new crown epidemic, independent travel has become the most respected and safest mode of travel in the world. Electric bicycles are the most people-friendly choice for independent travel. Countries are also using corresponding policies to encourage the public to ride as much as possible. However, the nature of the shared bicycles that people often use at present is also at risk of infection because of the experience of using one vehicle with multiple people. Therefore, having an electric bicycle of your own can make travel more enjoyable.


At present, Fiido D11 electric folding bicycle, which is currently very popular, is like an antidote. It adds smarter electric assist while maintaining the bicycle riding experience. It fully meets the new international standard requirements. Independent travel during the epidemic.

Beautiful and powerful

The latest FIIDO D11 folding electric bicycle is brought by Fiido after 3 years of polishing has reconstructed the traditional electric bicycle shape and presented an elegant form unique to D11 with a very simplified design concept.


Removable large capacity seat tube battery

Original patented a detachable large-capacity battery seat tube , sufficient to power the vehicle driving 100KM km assist in virtually any rider go far to go.


FIIDO D11 to expand the life circle

The bike is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, weighs only 17kg, and the folded D11 can be easily put into the trunk. The implementable product features can easily solve various problems of transfer and connection, so that the usage scene can be continuously extended.


The three-speed power-assisted mode and Shimano 7-speed transmission make the FIIDO D11 sporty attributes to the fullest. This makes every cyclist quickly enter his own comfortable riding state and feel the joy of every section of the road.


The new Fiido D11 foldable electric bike  brought by FIIDO, is a new benchmark for international tides, has attracted much attention around the world. Pre-sales are simultaneously opened at the official flagship stores of Gearbest to help every cyclist who is struggling to move forward. Facing life calmly.


Where to buy FIIDO D11 Electric Bike?

Product is shipped from the Poland warehouse of Geekbuying. Remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Price Without Coupon Code: $1299.99
Price With Coupon Code: ($999.99): D11BIKEC
Coupon Code 2($999.99): GKB517

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