ZTE Blade V7 Review – When Good is not Enought!

The ZTE Blade V7 is equipped with Mediatek octa-core processor, a 5.2-inch FHD display, and a 13MP rear camera. With 250 € the middle-class smartphone is in the most competitive price segment at the start.  Whether the ZTE Blade V7 against can claim the competition and for whom the mobile phone is suitable, we will find out in the following detailed review.

Zte Blade V7 review test review

Versions of the ZTE Blade V7

In addition to the ZTE V7 is still a “Lite” version. This has a lower resolution display, only a quad-core with 1GHz clock speed, but instead offers a higher resolution Selfie camera and a fingerprint sensor.

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Design and processing

With 138g the ZTE Blade V7 is one of the lightest in the mobile phone world. The metal case is convincing with a great tactile experience and the mobile phone is here not even particularly slippery. The slightly rounded edges and corners make the phone a real flatterer and also slightly rounded display glass (2.5D glass) ensures a perfect sliding finger. Sharp edges or large gaps are nowhere. The good impression is not spoiled by the two plastic rails (top and bottom on the phone). The rear camera looks only 1mm out of the back. With the following dimensions: 7.8 x 73 x 141mm is the ZTE Blade V7 not only thin but also narrow and short compared with most 5.2 inch phones. The edges of the left and right of the display are with 3mmkept narrow.

ZTE Blade V7 Design processing (2) ZTE Blade V7 Design processing (1)

On the right outside of the metal casing of the power button and the SIM card slot is incorporated.The buttons firmly , exist as the case of aluminum and have a pleasant pressure point. The same applies to the volume-bridge on the left outside. The 3 usual AndoidSensor located below the display and light up in blue. The key arrangement can be reversed for left-handers in the options menu. We particularly like the blue glowing circle of the home button. Unfortunately, this is not used in the ZTE Blade V7 as notification LED. These are found in the top left on the display.

Zte Blade V7 Design processing (5) Zte Blade V7 Design processing (7) Zte Blade V7 Design processing (6) Zte Blade V7 Design processing (4)

The ZTE Blade V7 is super processed and the design clearly knows to convince. In the hand, the phone gives immediately a premium feeling. Those looking for a compact and slim 5-inch phone, here is quite true.

Items found with ZTE Blade V7

  • Micro-USB cable
  • instruction manual
  • warranty card
  • PSU (EU)
  • Screen Protector
  • headphones

Zte Blade V7 delivery


The LTPS IPS display of the ZTE Blade V7 has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels, bringing it to a pixel density of 424 PPI. The display shines in the test with high brightness and good contrast. The outdoor readability is still ensured even in sunny days. In direct sunlight, however, the blade V7 reflects strongly. All display contents always appear crisp and remain unchanged even from different viewing angles. Compared to other smartphones but one notes a clear problem with the color display. All white areas have a viewable red stitch. However, this falls only in comparison with other phones on really. Although the contrast is good, the grayscale showed not nice. With Miravision allows the display the options menu to customize the personal preferences, quite perfect yet you get the color display but not set.

Zte Blade V7 (1) Zte Blade V7 (2)

The finger glides easily over the lubricious 2.5D glass on the front. The 5-point touch screen processes all inputs quickly and extremely accurately. Unfortunately, a special glass to prevent scratches is not used. Also, SmartWake is supported by ZTE Blade V7 and works well.

Performance and operating system

ZTE Blade V7 Sepicher speedThe hardware of the ZTE Blade V7 is designed for users who want a liquid system and sometimes even start a game. For this purpose, the MediaTek MT6753 octa-core processor, at least on the paper is suitable.The 8 cores clocked at 1.3 GHz and provide a liquid system. A bit disappointing is the low 2GB RAM , of which less system only 700MBavailable for multitasking available. The system memory is 16GB, which can be almost 11GB use Apps. If you renounce on dual SIM function, it may be the memory to further enhance 128GB with a micro SD. After all, the RAM is at a rate of 3, 9GB / s very fast and in practice, the system remained liquid even with multiple apps in the background, however, is with increasing app number more slowly. the internal memory is a read / write speed of 76/44 MB / s, not just the fastest.

ZTE Blade V7 Antutu Benchmark ZTE Blade V7 Geekbench 3 ZTE Blade V7 3D Mark (2)

After an hour of gaming, we measure only at the hottest point 38 ° C . The ZTE Blade V7 thus always keeps a cool head, what you can not say about any metal mobile. Most games can be played smoothly and without lag. For the most demanding games like Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat, 5 is it then but to significant restrictions in the flow of the game. Who gambles many 3D games, should resort to stronger hardware. The ZTE V7 Blade is meant to be used for standard tasks and met this problem.

ZTE Blade V7 with Android 6

The ZTE Blade V7 comes with Android 6 marshmallow. The 64-bit system comes with many preinstalled apps. This can not be uninstalled. Facebook, Instagram , Messenger app can not be erased easily. As long as one does not start the apps, but these are also not disturbing.Nevertheless, ZTE should let its customers decide which apps they install on their phone.Otherwise, the blade V7 runs smoothly with the ZTE-own-MI Favor Launcher. The launcher puts Android 6 a very playful design over and dispense with an App Drawer (overview page with all apps). Accordingly, each installed app automatically lands on the home screen and must be organized in folders. Quick Launch toolbar and menu option remain unchanged. Also, the system UI Tuner can long press on the gear (2 times Status Bar pull down) enabled.

ZTE Blade V7 Mi-Favor UI Android OS 6 (2) ZTE Blade V7 Mi-Favor UI Android OS 6 (1) ZTE Blade V7 Mi-Favor UI Android OS 6 (3)

OTA Updates there directly to the phone and serious errors or bugs we could find in 10 days none. Only the slow unlock the Blade V7 seemed disturbing. Pressing the power button, sometimes elapse 1-2 second until the display turns on. Wen of ZTE’s MI-launcher Favor disturbs which can replace each other in the Launcher PlayStore this easy. In summary, has the ZTE Blade V7 over an error-free, fast and current system!


The 13MP rear camera of the ZTE Blade V7 has an F / 2.2 Aperture and has a PDAF autofocus.Autofocus is also working with most shots very accurately and with half a second very fast. Color reproduction, detail the number and sharpness convince nearly all shots. In Close-up of focus is sometimes misplaced, by a quick tap on the display, this is, however, quickly corrected. in good lighting conditions, the ZTE Blade V7 makes very nice pictures, which bring no noise or blur to light. in poor lighting conditions (from the shadows in the sun) are the images but often overexposed. Otherwise, the photo quality in poor lighting conditions, however, is still unsatisfactory.

The 5MP front camera is supported by a display flash and is ideal for selfie fans. Captured images clearly meet the price range and are at a similar level as a Leeco Le 2 or Xiaomi redmi Note 3.


Communication and connectivity

Zte Blade V7 receiving network LTEThe reception in 2G, 3G, and 4G network was the test is always constant and strong. There are all necessary in Germany LTE supports frequencies.In the Blade V7 2, Nano-SIM cards can be inserted.Thus, the device offers the popular dual SIM function. The ZTE Blade V7 shines with excellent call quality. The voice transmission takes place clean and the caller is perfectly understood.However, The speakerphone delivers more bad sound from the speaker, however, the voice transmission works well here perfectly.

The internal speaker of the ZTE Blade V7 is free bass and sound tinny at high volume too. The entire sound is only of average quality. Bessel sees the whole of the 3.5 mm jack. This generated with middle-class headphones super sound at high volume.

ZTE Blade V7 GPS test reportThe Bluetooth standard is version 4.0 not active, but the connection is constant and possible up to 10m. The WLAN module only supports the 2.4GHz network. In the test, there were no disconnections, range and data throughput are on a good level. The GPS module combines fast, but not with many satellites. The position is determined to 3-5m exactly and pedestrian navigation is no problem with the E-Compass. On the 300 km long test track, it came at motorway junctions to deviations from the course, otherwise, the signal remained constant and the route was quite usable. In addition to the 3 standard sensors (acceleration, brightness and proximity sensor) supports ZTE Blade V7 still a compass and a gyroscope sensor. A fingerprint sensor is only available in the Lite version of Blade V7 available.

Battery Life

The ZTE Blade V7 features a 2500 mAh battery strong. For a 5.2-inch smartphone, that is slightly below the average. When fully charged, the battery with the supplied charger is after 2 hours and 15 minutes (from 0 to 100). The system appears to be well optimized in practice because the battery life is in spite of the “smaller” batteries still usable. The standby consumption is thanks, Android 6 extremely low and medium brightness, I managed at all 10 test days on a single charge and an active Terms of 2.5-3.5 hours through the day. also, intensive users thus survive a day use and the Blade V7 delivers considering its compact design, a good battery life.



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