Xiaomi Upcoming Models in Second Half: What to Expect?

Xiaomi launches over dozen devices per year, and each of them finds its customers. As the first half of 2017 has passed, we can make some conclusions about devices launched in first six months, and make predictions what new devices will hit the market. As you know, Xiaomi has planned to sell over 80 million units this year. Looking at the phones, their features, and other factors, we can state the manufacturer has all chances to implement what’s been planned. Till today we have seen the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, Mi 5C, Mi 6, Redmi 4, Mi Max 2 and Mi Pad 3. Thus the company has managed to come in with 5+1 devices in the first half of this year. So what about the Xiaomi upcoming models?


Xiaomi upcoming models

This manufacturer will release half a dozen handsets in the second half of 2017, undoubtedly. Among them, we can find the Xiaomi X1, Redmi Pro 2, Mi MIX 2, Mi Note 3, Redmi Note 5, Mi 6S, and Mi 6 Plus. As you can see, there are handsets for any niche. The X1 is considered to be an entry-level smartphone at an affordable price tag. The Redmi Pro 2 and Redmi Note 5 should be the best options in the mid-range market. And finally, the Mi MIX 2, Mi Note 3, Mi 6S / 6 Plus will fight in the top-end market. This simply means Xiaomi doesn’t leave any chances to other manufacturers. I mean Xiaomi always comes with the best devices in terms of hardware/price ratio. And the aforementioned smartphones are thought to be cost-effective as well.

Xiaomi upcoming models

Nowadays the net is buzzing about the Xiaomi upcoming models. Some people think this brand will continue its strategy, and those anticipated devices will cost the way less than their rivals. The rest of customers are sure these are assumptions, and Xiaomi won’t be able to continue its price policy. Actually, we have no certain info what features these models will come with and how much they will cost, but we all love Xiaomi because it always comes with the best offers. Hope this trend will continue in the second half of 2017 as well.



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