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Xiaomi To Launch A Noise-Cancellation Headset On Dec. 12

On the 12th of December, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, will release a noise cancellation headset. All the rumors surrounding this device indicates that this device has noise cancellation capabilities as it comes with the slogan “say goodbye to noise and restore true colors”

To further strengthen the claims, a poster appeared online this morning with the caption “free to switch, the strength of noise is controllable” and from the image, the device has a nob that will be probably used to control noise cancellation in three levels.

Xiaomi has released a lot of  headphones in the past and as of now, it has the Xiaomi Capsule Headset (69 Yuan – $11), Xiaomi Piston Headset Fresh Version (29 Yuan – $5), Xiaomi Headset Relaxed Version (199 Yuan – $30), 1MORE Headphone (99 Yuan – $15), Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset (129 Yuan – $20), Xiaomi Ring Earphone (99 Yuan – $15) and so on.


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