Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Spotted

Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum CleaneriRobot, be very afraid. Xiaomi has rolled up their sleeves in preparation for a Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner. The evidence lies in the stacked boxes by the refrigerator that you can see above. With Xiaomi occupying other spaces in the vast consumer electronics industry, you can be sure that smartphones, phablets and tablets are not going to be their primary focus in the future.

What will this new Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner feature?

The packaging of the upcoming Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner comes in the very same shade of brown as with most other Xiaomi products, and with it, we hope to see the same bang for your hard earned buck as well. What we can glean about the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner so far has been rather basic. We do know that it will arrive with a programmable function. This programmable function allows one to plot the course of cleaning and vacuuming your home, whether you are around or otherwise. It is a feature that can be found in high end models from the likes of iRobot’s Roomba collection.

Do expect the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner to feature a laser sensor when it arrives. This laser sensor is required so that it is able to plot out the indoor dimensions and map its surroundings. Apart from that, the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner should be smart enough to to return to its charging base whenever it starts to run low on battery power. Once it is fully charged, the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner can be expected to complete its vacuuming task around the home. Of course, we do remember that it is always possible to have the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner go around picking up after all the mess even when there are people at home. It all boils down to your personal preference, really.

There are other iRobot offerings and different robotic vacuum cleaners that are in the market at the moment which happen to retail in the region of 4,000 yuan ($600). Would Xiaomi play its cards right by offering a smart robotic vacuum cleaner that carries similar, if not better features, at a price range that is 75% of what others charge? We could be looking at something in the region of 3,000 yuan ($450). Only time will tell. We do know that different aspects of the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner have already been patented, and it will be interesting to see whether the circular nature of the smart vacuum will be as effective in cleaning up after the household’s mess as with its competitors.



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  1. hello, i purchased Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum – WHITE 19402250. It is very nice. Where can I get instructions in English? Can the machine be programmed to speak english.

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