Xiaomi Just Released Pinecone SoC Trailer – Featuring Wang Feng!

Every Xiaomi enthusiast knows that Xiaomi is going to release its first chipset named ‘Pinecone’ on February 28. Who would have ever thought that a smartphone manufacturer from the Chinese land who conquer that much in a short time? Introducing the Mi and Redmi series as a total hit to the curved Mi Note 2 and edge-to-edge Mi Mix, Xiaomi has done it all in 7 years, what Samsung did in decades. Xiaomi is now ready to become an international SoC manufacturer like Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi Pinecone SoC trailer

Recently, for the advertisement of the upcoming Pinecone SoC Xiaomi released a preheat trailer video. The video starts with the words:

There are too many unknown and impossible things in the world, think of it all about to face, my surging

Xiaomi Pinecone SoC trailer 1

This time it’s the most powerful brain on the planet, world-class memory master ‘Wang Feng.’ In the video, he carried out an incredible memory challenge.In front of him, two large screens appeared alternately illustrating up to 100 group figures. Wang Feng memorized all the numbers by the order and arrangement, in silence. Finally, Wang Feng completed the challenge by writing all the numbers all right and in the same order. Isn’t that quite shocking?

It looks like Xiaomi will invite top talents compared to the previous one for the promotion of various Pinecone SOCs in the future. Who will be next? Comment!

Xiaomi Pinecone SoC – The Details

From the leaks, it is clear that Xiaomi Pinecone processor will use an octa-core Cortex-A53 architecture, integrated baseband, supporting Cat.6. Meanwhile, the performance will be equivalent to the mid-enders like Snapdragon 625 and Helio X25 or X30). There was also a benchmark exposed which showed some shocking scores in Mi 5C.

Let’s hope that Xiaomi Pinecone SOC will be a total hit like the recent Xiaomi smartphones. What do you think?




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  1. Based on the Xiaomi desire to be a global market leader – I would guess that within 3 iterations of this SOC, this will beat Snapdragon including Modem performance and other non-CPU SOC elements. They are aiming at Apple ‘A’ chip performance.

    1. You’re right. A question also strike our mind that whether Xiaomi will offer the SoC to other phone manufacturers like Samsung does with Exynos, or making it limited to Xiaomi products only like Apple does? I think the second option would be better as Xiaomi is not concerned about earning more profit unlike Samsung. Let’s hope so.

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