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Xiaomi Mysterious Device Leaked – Mi HiFi Player or something else!

Xiaomi just put Weibo on fire when the company’s employees ‘Lee students’ recently posted on their Weibo profile something unexpected, something unknown, something that Xiaomi is looking forward to releasing soon. Perhaps a new product to Mi family. To be clear, it could be a Mi HiFi Player.

Mi Hifi Player LEaked weibo

The employees devised a new anticipation in the air when they posted a photo along with a text saying:

This knob is moving people, a good product will make people PLAY what they desire

Mi Hifi Player LEaked


The leaked photo exposes a side of that product showing the black section and a gray color metal bar. On the bar, tiny holes are present. Underneath them could be the two speakers. The black part is not necessarily to be a screen. The most noticeable which Lee mentions is the knob. However, from the appearance, we can’t tell what sort of product it is. But by detecting a clue ‘PLAY’ from the text provided, we bet it would be something related to music (multimedia); a Mi HiFi Player. What could it be? Any thoughts?


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