Xiaomi Mi5s and Xiaomi Note 2 leaked specs: Will come with Advanced Pressure Sensitive Displays!

Recently leaked specs show new features of upcoming phones belonging to Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, which never ceases to surprise us with new improvements and the latest technologies and processors available on the market. While we had an Mi5, we now get to see a Xiaomi Mi5s, which we expect is going to be announced during the month of August and will be packing newer hardware and better features.

Xiaomi Mi5s: The new one

Xiaomi Mi5S

This new Xiaomi Mi5s will have a 5.5-inch screen, much larger than its predecessor which features are just 5 inches, but its improvements are not in the size, but also on its quality. The Xiaomi Mi5s might have have a Full HD resolution. As for the chipset, the new Xiaomi Mi5s have the same processor as the Xiaomi Mi5, the famed Snapdragon 820, in addition to a ultrasonic fingerprint reader and 6GB RAM.

Xiaomi Mi5S

In addition to these dramatic improvements, the leak shows a Force Touch implementation, which means that this smartphone will be able to measure the pressure with which the user presses the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Because 2 is better than 1

Xiaomi Note 2

The past is behind us, as it has done the incredible Xioami Note that once was one of the best phablets and is still in effect. But technological innovations goes leaps and bounds and this leads to amazing phablets as Xiaomi Note of which we have spoken deeply here today have a successor: The Xiaomi Note 2.

Some information regarding a new version of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has been recently leaked as well. Although, we’ll have to wait until the IFA at Berlin in September of this year to know all the details.

This new flagship of Xioami is expected to have no more and no less than a Snapdragon 821 processor, with a 5.7-inch screen FHD 1080P, one of the best resolutions available for next-generation smartphones. It has been said that this phone will have a ceramic body, but this is even a remote possibility, since Xiaomi had many issues in making ceramic body of his former Xiaomi MI5, and unless it has been able to address these issues, it is better that the Xiaomi Mi5S’ body be of metal or another material, obviating course, the possibility of a plastic body. Do you Imagine a 5.7-inch screen with FHD 1080p resolution and a Snapdragon 821 with a plastic and non-durable body?

If these rumors were to be true, we’d be getting a lot of new interesting features by Xiaomi and that’s not all since some of them would be featuring force-touch functionality, which could lead to its spread within the smartphone market and possibly tablets as well.

To wrap this up, there is information about a possible Xiaomi MiS5 with several enhanced features and rumors regarding a brand new Xiaomi Mi Note that would bring AMOLED technology into the mix. However, it doesn’t matter how likely these leaks may sound, we’ll have to wait at least until September to know the whole true.


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