Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Announced: Learn Everything On It

Today Xiaomi announced the next-gen Mi TV 4, which has been unveiled at CES earlier this year. The selling point of this TV set is the ultra-thin design at only 4.9mm and ultra-narrow bezels. It took 4 years from the manufacturer to design the Xiaomi Mi TV 4. So we should state this company works very detailed on its flagship models. This is similar to the case of the Xiaomi Mi 6. I guess you remember Lei Jun’s words concerning those long-lasting 7 years that the company has spent on it. So now the company has worked hard and came in with another cost-effective model. As for now, let’s recall the key features of the Xiaomi Mi 4 and learn when it will be available for purchase.

Xiaomi MI TV 4

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Hardware

First, there are three versions at 65, 55, and 49 inches. The 49/55-inch variants are packed with an Amlogic T968 processor, while the 65-inch model comes with an Amlogic T966. However, the characteristics of these chips are the same. They all come at A53 architecture with 4 cores clocked at 1.8GHz and a Mali-T830 GPU at a highest frequency of 750MHz. as for memory, the first two models are packed with a 2GB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory, while the 65-inch model comes with a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built in memory storage.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Screen

The 55-inch variant comes with a Samsung display supporting 10 district intelligent adjustment as well as dynamic backlight. The dynamic response time is reduced to 8 milliseconds, and the static contrast ratio is increased to 6000: 1. The 65-inch model sports a Samsung screen as well, which supports high color saturation, and the static contrast is down to 5000: 1.

Xiaomi MI TV 4

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Technology

This TV comes with a free three-year Mi TV membership. Thus you will get a clear content at 2560 x 1440, which is the way higher than Blu-ray and DVD. Plus, this is the first product in its category using Thunder Star domain CDN high-speed technology providing smooth playback at 24M high bitrate.

All these features sound too attractive, but do not forget we are dealing with a Xiaomi product. Thus there should be something innovative. Fortunately, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 comes with an upgraded artificial intelligence voice system, which is now open to third-party developers. By the way, there are 8 Xiaomi eco-chain products compatible with the Xiaomi Mi TV. Among them we can find an air purifier, smart robotic vacuums, intelligent lights, air conditioners, rice cookers, cameras, smart sockets, and wall switches.

Xiaomi MI TV 4

Xiaomi says they have been inspired by the science fiction novel ‘The Three-Body problem’ when making the Xiaomi Mi TV 4’s platform. It uses cloud interaction as well as an app, to protect the content via HTTPS. So we can use voice commands to interact with our own devices to play music, set alarms or timers, answer questions, etc. In the future, the water drop platform will also provide NLP capabilities and user data based on a massive platform.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Sound and Connectivity

The smaller models support dual-band WiFi 802.11n, while the larger model supports 802.11ac as well as beamforming. As for interfaces, there are two HDMI 2.0, an S / PDIF, an AV, a DTMB, a USB 2.0, a USB 3.0, and an Ethernet ports on smaller Xiaomi MI TV 4 products, while the 65-inch version comes with an additional Woofer as wellas a DC IN.

The 49-inch has only two 6W runaway speakers, and the 55-inch TV has two 8W duct inverted speakers. The 65-inhc variant is called a Dolby panorama home theater version. So the audio specifications are much higher. Say, there is an additional Dolby panorama 5.1.2 home theater priced at 1494 yuan ($215) that has a 10-speaker Soundbar (including two-way reflection), a wireless rear surround speaker equipped with a subwoofer, a total of 13 generating units. As for the subwoofer, it comes with a low noise hydrodynamic optimization design, reflective inverted tube, and supports the input power of 80W (THD <10%) or up to 100W, a frequency response range of 30-170Hz, adjustable frequency points 60-150Hz, and a 2.5mm audio cable connection. The wireless rear surround speakers come with an input power of 8W (THD <1%), frequency response range of 150-20000Hz (-6dB), rated impedance of 6 ohms, and 5G Wi-Fi connection.

Xiaomi Mi TV Thickness

The first-gen Xiaomi Mi TV was launched in 2013. It was at 20mm thickness. The next one was at 15.5mm. The Mi TV 3’s thickness was decreased to 9.9mm, and now the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is at only 4.9mm. Thus it’s 29% thinner than the iPhone 7. What’s next?

Xiaomi MI TV 4

Xiaomi MI TV 4 Pricing

As for the pricing, the 49-inch variant costs 3499 yuan ($508), the 55-inch model comes at 3999 yuan ($580), and the 65-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4, which is also known as Dolby Panorama home theatre is sold at 9999 yuan ($1450). The latter seems to be a bit overpriced, but if comparing to top brands, this is only 1/3 of their prices. All models are available for pre-order, but they will start shipping on June 1.

Xiaomi MI TV 4


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