Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Specs List Leaked: Monster at 6000 Yuan ($863)

A few days back we have informed you Xiaomi is going to launch a new Mi Notebook on December 23. The only leaked feature was the 4G support. This simply means the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook will be capable to connect to the internet anywhere. Nothing else has been known about it till today, but now we have a lot of information, though some features cause questions. The only thing we are convinced in is the name – Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (2)

Well, let’s see what features will be the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro packed with. First, it’s rumored the laptop will sport an i7-6700HQ processor. This chipset has been launched a year ago and it was designed especially for notebooks. It comes with a 14nm process technology as well as four cores clocked up to 3.50GHz frequency. To understand what I am talking about just imagine this CPU is found on the Asus Rog GL752VW-DH71, a gaming laptop with great performance. Second, the XIaomi Mi Notebook Pro is said to come with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card, a GPU designed especially for notebooks. It can be found on gaming notebooks like the ACER ASPIRE V NITRO VN7-591G-527V. Third, the Xiaomi new laptop should come with a 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 512GB of internal memory. Finally, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro will feature 4K resolution display.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (1)

However, the notebook is also said to come with 45W charger, which cannot meet the abovementioned configuration. So if the specs list mentioned above is correct, the charger should be more powerful.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro will be launched in a day, and it’s said this notebook won’t be priced low, over 6000 yuan ($863). So if the new Xiaomi laptop comes with a specs list identical to what we’ve seen above, customers will have to pay a fortune. But it deserves such a pricing, right?



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