Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Design Comparison

After the Xiaomi Mi 5S failure all eyes were on the new flagship of the Chinese Apple that should save the company from collapse. It was the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – the most elegant phone of Xiaomi. But say it is an attractive handset means to say nothing. This awesome handset has been compared with the best handsets currently available in the market, and there were no reasons to think the Mi Note 2 yields its rivals. Moreover, only a few features are missing in its specs list to make this phone a GOD. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 in-depth review showed this phone is there to capture the high-end market, and nothing is going to prevent implementation of this goal. Even the pricing is quite affordable. But there is a question haunting me – are there real changes between the original Xiaomi Mi Note and the Mi Note 2. At first sight, the latter should be more powerful as the original Mi Note was launched about two years ago. But what changes have been implemented in terms of design to make this series more competitive.


Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Design: Front

The first thing we notice when look at the Mi Note 2 is the 3D curved glass, which is also the selling point of this phone. On the contrary, the original Mi Note comes with a standard flat screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and 2.5D glass.


The upper front side of the Mi Note 2 uses symmetrical design and an ultra-narrow frame, while its predecessor uses eye-catching black bezel.


The Mi Note 2 comes with a single physical home button, while the model of this series sports three touch buttons under the screen.


Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Design: Sides

As the Mi Note 2 sports a curved screen the metal frame is thinner and looks more stylish. Actually, the newer model comes at 7.6mm thickness, but thanks to a 3D curved glass it looks thinner than the Xiaomi Mi Note with 7mm thickness.


The symmetrical design exists even at the bottom side of the Mi Note 2.


Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Design: Back

The back panel of the Mi Note 2 is also curved, which makes it be more comfortable when holding by one hand. The original Mi Note comes with a flat back panel. The locations of cameras are different as well.

xiaomi-mi-note-2-vs-xiaomi-mi-note-featured-2 xiaomi-mi-note-2-vs-xiaomi-mi-note-rear-cameras xiaomi-mi-note-2-vs-xiaomi-mi-note-back

Final Words

There is a two-year gap between these models, and it is reflected in both design and hardware. I am not talking about the software, because it’s another topic of conversation and we have talked about it earlier when comparing MIUI 7 and MIUI 8. Anyway, one thing is clear for sure – Xiaomi has made a huge step forward, and it will be difficult for any company to stop it.


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