Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Leaked Photos Show Dual-Curved Screen, Single Camera and More!

Not that many days have been left before we’ll be to get our hands on the new flagship of Xiaomi that is going to complicate the life of Samsung and all those smartphone makers that want to launch a dual-curved screen handsets. The Xiaomi MI Note 2 is rumored to sport many eye-catching features such as curved edge screen, dual camera module, Snapdragon 821 CPU and many more. But the latest spy photos spotted in the net show the phone may lack some of them.


Looking at the photos above and below we can see the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will actually feature a dual-curved screen. We have learned this OLED display will be supplied by LG. Its prototype version has been seen at CES 2015, and we know it had some problems with resolution, but hope the supplier has solved the problem, and it will be at 2K.


Next, we see the phone comes in either ceramic or glass housing. There is also a metal bezel that narrows on left and right sides. As a result, we have very narrow unlock button as well as a volume rocker. They are located on the top right area. But if this is a 5.7-inch screen phone, as it’s been rumored earlier, the unlock button location is a bit higher. So it will be very difficult to get with one hand. Therefore, I guess the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will come with a smaller screen size.


The Mi Note 2 has been said to sport a dual-camera, but these photos showcase there is only one. While many people will accuse the company in letting down its devoted fans, I think this is a quite reasonable decision. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is said to cost $846 (5699 yuan), and can you count how much it will be priced at, if there is a dual-camera module. On the other hand, if you want such handset, the manufacturer is offering the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus.



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