Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Curved Screen Optimized Features Shown in Video

Xiaomi announced its next flagships this afternoon. Though there were a few products unleashed at the event, everyone’s eyes were on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which sports a curved edge screen. The latter is the key feature of this amazing phone and it should turn into the selling point as well. But what advantage a curved screen can give to a phone still remains a big mystery. I mean many users choose the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and other curved screen phones just because of their screen. But there are only a few devices brands making them useful.


Probably, the only phone with the best double curved screen options is the ZTE Numia Z9. As you know and as we talked about it earlier, this phone uses Frame Interactive Technology to change the way we interact with a smartphone. Users can implement different operations just taping/sliding/touching the curved sides of the phone. A few days back we have heard the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 should come with this technology out of the box. But it didn’t. This made us put the lack of Frame Interactive Technology in the list of missing features of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. But the truth is this device has more curved edges rather than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And it’s not accidental.


Probably, you have heard the Mi Note 2 comes with MIUI8 based on Android 6.0, but this UI is customized and optimized especially for this handset. Thus Xiaomi tries to get the most from curved screens. So it turns out this optimized software allows users to interact with the phone via curved edges. For example, when sliding from left to right you can open a special window and choose a new wallpaper for your phone. The opposite sliding allows users to view contacts, stopwatch, calendar, compass and so on.

Agree this is amazing, and though we are not familiar with all the hidden features of this optimized software, and probably it yields the Frame Interactive technology, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 seems one of the best devices ever launched with this branding.



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