Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review Hands-On – Larger Than Life!

If you’re looking for the best tablet or biggest phone out there read our Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review Hands-on experience. This year Xiaomi have already done numerous great devices like Redmi 4X, Redmi Note 4X and Mi 6. Can Xiaomi’s latest big display phone make an impact and most of all should you consider buying it? Find out all the answers and more in my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review – Specs

First of all, having a 6.44-ich display covered with Gorilla Glass 4 is a very nice start. With such a large display FHD resolution looks like a compromise considering much smaller phones offer QHD or more. This time Xiaomi has chosen to keep the memory configurations at a minimum with 4/64GB and 4/128GB options. Most noteworthy Mi Max 2 is very thin at just 7.6mm while packing a monster 5300mAh battery. Xiaomi’s new monster has a USB-C connector next to the single speaker on the bottom.  With a larger pixel size 12MP Sony IMX386 main sensor and a 85-degrees wide angle 5.0MP front snapper the camera department raises interest. Furthermore, 4K video shooting is possible using Mi Max 2, yet there is no OIS. Neat features like FM Radio, IR Blaster, Rear Fingerprint Scanner and backlit capacitive keys are returning.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 provides the performance like in Redmi Note 4X.

Why should you get Mi Max 2?

Perhaps the toughest question to answer in this review because this phone just isn’t for everyone. I love how Xiaomi are the only company catering to people with big hands or big phone needs.

Others may find value in Mi Max 2’s tablet ranger capabilities due to Mi Pad 3’s disappointing reviews and software issues. However, most would simply turn their head away just in the mention of a 6.4-inch phone. Myself being a bigger person in general measuring at 1.9m and weighing 100kg I should fall in love with Mi Max 2 straight away. However, the reality is a bit more different.

Mi Max 2 Design and Build Quality

Xiaomi Max 2 design and build quality are no issue here due to the metal back and very solid build.

I am still amazed how thin this wonderful piece of hardware is. Looking at the back you get a very premium feeling like a 500$ phone would.

Seems like the price dictated only a single premium side as the front is not nearly as stylish and easily compares to 152$ Redmi Note 4X.

The display is bright and colourful in addition to being really glossy and reflective to sunlight making direct sunlight usage nearly impossible. Xiaomi should have probably went with a more matte finish or AMOLED display to counter that. Overall I am very impressed with both design and quality, although the price tag really suggests it. The single speaker here delivers the best sound quality in-class with loud and rich sound making for a great media experience.

Mi Max 2 Handling and Usage

Usually I don’t do this as a separate section and just mention a few word, however, Mi Max 2 is no ordinary device.

Mi Max 2 Handling

Despite the sheers size the phone is rather good to hold and operate, with both hands that is.

I purchased a large display Meizu Pro 6 Plus for working purposes, but as you see Mi Max 2 simply dwarfs it. While I’m used to operating with both hands and the difference between say a 5.7 and 6.44 is not as much as you might think, however, other aspects are. Most noteworthy is phone placement and protection.

This phone is just too big to fit inside jean and jacket pockets, not to mention small handbags. I am a very active person and my lifestyle requires the occasional sprint to catch the bus or to get in time for work and

Mi Max 2 simply isn’t a great grab and go phone

All things considered, I have a few friends who make my Pro 6 Plus look like an iPhone 4S in their hands and they love the Mi Max 2.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review – Performance

Now it’s time to review Mi Max 2’s performance. Xiaomi has taken a step back from conquering benchmarks with the Mi Max 2.

xiaomi mi max 2 review

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 is proven performer and daily task run with easy.

xiaom mi max 2 memory usage


Furthermore having 4GB RAM really helps with multi-tasking, you will rarely see an app re-loaded here.

Xiaomi better hurry with MIUI 9 as Mi Max 2 feels wasted without split-screen multi-tasking

Almost all games in the Playstore will run without breaking a sweat here, however, there are a few titles out now and more coming which demand faster graphics. As a result old faves like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8 and Fifa 17 do not even make Mi Max 2 sweat.

Few exceptions like Dawn of Titans and my personal favourite Lineage 2 Revolution will experience frame drops frequently.

There is still a big gap between this and say Mi 5 and Snapdragon 820 and even older Samsung S6 and Meizu Pro 5.

Mi Max 2 Battery Life

Having concerns about Mi Max 2 battery life? If there’s a concrete reason to buy Mi Max 2 it’s stamina. Even with the huge 6.44-inch screen, this phablet can easily last 20+ hours doing video playback or web browsing on a single charge. You can even get around 7-8 Hrs of continuous heavy gaming, something even the highest class tablets and phones fail to offer. Even with just 10-15% of battery life, you can still get through a normal usage day! Charging is not sublime with around 3Hrs needed to fully charge the device, yet

with a single hour of charging you can definitely get through a heavy usage day with battery to spare!

Mi Max 2 Camera Review

Coming with a nearly 300$ price tag Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is expected to feature capable snappers. Photos using the main camera are definitely not bad, yet phones like Mi 5 C outperforms it. Additionally, Redmi Note 4X’s camera goes toe to toe when it comes to photo quality.

mi max 2 camera review mi max 2 camera review 2 mi max 2 camera review 3

Shutter speed is fast and night shots are fine, however at this price, there are better camera phones. Manual mode is complete with 32s exposure, manual focus and ISO, however, without OIS you definitely need a great tripod to capture anything beyond 2s of exposure. Lacking OIS is even more evident in shooting any kind of video with 4K being very shaky.

Moving to the front, the camera is exactly the same 5MP sensor inside Redmi Note 4X, but results are still better than average and most users will be pleased.

In short Mi Max offers adequate camera experience, but not class leading

Mi Max 2 Pros and Cons

+Excellent Battery Life
+Great Build Quality
+Great Speaker
+4K Video Recording
+Long Exposure Mode

-Inferior Gaming Performance to the original Mi Max
-Too big to comfortably fit in your pocket
-Long charging time
-A bit pricey

xiaomi mi max 2 pros and cons

In a 2017 smartphone world, Mi Max 2 leaves me wondering.

I can definitely recommend the device to people with bigger hands or looking for a great tablet within this price range.

Xiaomi’s second-generation monster phone really is the best media and gaming device at this price. Offering decent gaming performance, being backed by superb endurance. Mi Max 2 simply cannot be my daily driver, because of its sheer size and always demanding two-hands usage. However,

some people actually need that big of a phone and for them buying Xiaomi Mi Max 2 should be a no-brainer.



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