Xiaomi Mi 7 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Sporting Snapdragon 845 to Come in 2018

Starting the Xiaomi Mi 5 all top brands take the Chinese manufacturer seriously. This handset made them look at the most promising startup as a real rival to them. That’s why Samsung was doing it best to become the first manufacturer launching a Snapdragon 835-powered smartphone in the globe. It did what had been planned, but the Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched with this chip onboard and outrun Samsung in some sense. Though the Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched the way earlier and benefited from this fact, the Mi 6 showcased it’s the most affordable model in the niche. Seems the same things will happen for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Snapdragon 845

There are three trends noticed in the Android smartphone market – Snapdragon 845, full screen, and 3D face recognition. The Xiaomi Mi 7, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9, are going to sport these features. As for the SND845, in July Qualcomm accidentally exposed it is working on the next-level Snapdragon chip. The latter is the direct successor of the Snapdragon 835. It’s based on a 7nm process node and continues the octa-core design. There is also an Adreno 630 GPU providing improved graphics. The release date is expected to be the end of this year. Therefore smartphones featuring this SoC will appear in the market only next year. Full screen is not a problem for Xiaomi or other top brands anymore. Almost all flagships come with such a feature. So the only thing we should think of is the screen ratio – it should get closer to 100%. Finally, we know many smartphone makers such as Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and others are working on a 3D face recognition technology to refuse the fingerprint recognition. Those who don’t work on such a technology are cooperating with companies working on them.

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Accidentally or not the Snapdragon 845 launch date has been disclosed. And it turns out Samsung will have the bulge on Xiaomi and other manufacturers again. If the rumors we have heard are true, Samsung has ordered the first bunches of the SND845 for its Galaxy S9. And the rest of smartphone makers should be satisfied with the left quantity. That’s not difficult to guess Xiaomi is the first company suffering from this statement, as it’s been one of the major customers of the Snapdragon 835.



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