Why Xiaomi Mi 6 Will Have No Audio Jack?

Two big changes on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 has been unofficially confirmed. First, the manufacturer has removed the 3.5mm audio jack like Apple and LeEco. Second, it will come with a dual-camera placed horizontally closer to the upper left edge. The rest of features still remain disputable. So let’s focus on what we know for sure. As for now, a new photo has been published showing the Xiaomi Redmi Pro using an additional accessory to plug a regular headphone to the USB Type-C. What this means? Let’s puzzle out.

Xiaomi Redmi pro

Apple was the first smartphone maker ditching the headphone. Thereafter, LeEco acted in the same way. It’s been rumored the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will have no dedicated hole as well. But the final photos show Samsung has cancelled this idea for now. However, keeping or removing the audio jack can be related with a few things. Say, Apple did it to improve the camera. LeEco did it, because they believe the digital USB-C connection provides better and cleaner audio reproduction. Other than that, this action helps the manufacturers in making thinner devices that are also waterproof.

As for the Xiaomi Mi 6, we are sure it will have no audio jack. Many fluster whether this technology is proved. So this photo has been published before the launch of the MI 6 to show those people always can use their traditional headphones using the USB Type-C port. But I guess it’s a required action, because all top brands now come in with waterproof models. So Xiaomi has had to implement something tantamount.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Second, the leaked photos showcase the company has radically changed the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 6 in comparison to the previous-gen models. This statement especially refers to the rear panel with a dual-camera as well as the front panel with an irregular set of holes located above the screen.

As a conclusion, we have to write down the Xiaomi Mi 6 seems to fill all the gaps left after the Xiaomi Mi 5S.

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  1. It will be a huge mistake if the Mi6 don’t have the 3,5mm headphone jack. None of the big Android players are doing this nonsense with their flagships, no Samsung no LG.

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