Xiaomi Mi 6 New Launch Date Rumored: Alas, April 18

Yesterday Samsun unveiled its flagships in face of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. These models are packed with the latest hardware and sport the best software. However, the most attractive part in their specs list refers to the performance and the chip they come with. That’s not a secret the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be the first phone to sport a Snapdragon 835 chip working on 10nm process technology. But we also know the second model, which should feature this SoC is set to be the Xiaomi Mi 6. Let’s not get deeper in the details that you are already familiar with. But it turns out the launch date of the Xiaomi Mi 6 has been pushed back one more time.

Xiaomi Mi 5

First we have been waiting for this phone to debut on February 6. Thereafter, this date was pushed to March. Later it became known the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be unleashed in April. The first date we learned about was April 16. And finally, Xiaomi announced a conference to be taken place on April 11. Therefore, all we started thinking this is the official launch date of the much-anticipated Mi 6. As for now, I have to distress you, as the new launch date of the Xiaomi Mi 6 seems to be April 18.

This is distressing, undoubtedly. But the Xiaomi Mi 6 price is said to start at 1999 yuan ($290). This is quite acceptable, because if it turns to be true, Xiaomi can look more attractive in comparison to its main rival.

Scenario: How to Bury Mi Brand via Xiaomi Mi 6

Other than that, some feature of this handset have been unofficially confirmed. Particularly, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is said to come with a dual-camera on back (supposedly, Sony IMX400 sensor), curved rear panel made of ceramic, USB Type-C (3.5mm audio jack is removed), iris recognition, 5.15 / 5.7-inch screens, 3200 / 4500mAh batteries, 4 / 6GB memory options and many more. Thus everything in this handset is perfect, but the delayed release date isn’t what we have been expected for.



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