Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera Features Explained and Showed

One of the selling points of the Xiaomi Mi 6 is the camera. We have already said the phone is packed with a 12MP dual-camera. But what it actually means for a regular user. If remember the Xiaomi Mi 5S is equipped with an IMX378 Sensor – the same sensor found on the Google Pixel. Therefore, it’s been expected to great photos taken by this phone. Unfortunately, people more like to pay attention to what’s written on paper rather than the actual performance. That’s why the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus packed with a dual-camera was talked more than its sibling. As for the Xiaomi Mi 6, the manufacturer has decided to pack it with a dual camera module and seems this can become a game changer. Let’s find out why.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

The Xiaomi Mi 6 has been announced with a dual-camera – 12MP wide-angle lens + 12MP telephoto lens.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

What does this mean? Shortly, it’s the same iPhone 7 Plus camera technology improved and customized for the Mi software.

This doesn’t mean the Mi 6 uses the same sensor, so Lei Jun didn’t announce that. But according to the official data, the Xiaomi Mi 6’s camera supports 2x optical zoom


and 10x digital zoom.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

The Mi 5’s 4-axis OIS will be carried forward on the Xiaomi Mi 6 as well.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera

As Xiaomi claims, this is the first phone in the globe that comes with a 5.15-inch display and supports optical zoom simultaneously. What’s amazing this feature works even for panoramic mode.

 Xiaomi mi 6 camera

One of the advantages of this camera is portrait mode, which allows users to take better photos due to SLR-like background blurring, binocular stereoscopic vision and depth learning algorithm. To understand what I am talking about just a take a quick look at the photos below.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera Xiaomi mi 6 camera

The phone also comes with a Smart Beauty 3.0 that is capable of recording and analyzing facial information accurately and providing great photos.

Xiaomi mi 6 camera Xiaomi mi 6 camera Xiaomi mi 6 camera


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