Xiaomi Mi 6 Appeared on Retailer’s Site: Priced at $299

As April 11 is getting closer, we’ll see more and more leaks concerning the Xiaomi Mi 6. As for now, we have heard tons of rumors claiming there will be this or that feature. But the latest leaked photos make some clearance for some specs. Well, before we collect them into one article, a surprising page appeared at Oppomart. It turns out this retailer is the first one to open a Xiaomi Mi 6 page revealing its key features as well as pricing.

Xiaomi mi 6

According to the aforementioned Oppomart page, the Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a 5.15-inch OLED display at Full HD resolution, 19MP Sony IMX400 camera, Snapdragon 835 chip, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB ROM, and MIUI8. Obviously, these features have been rumored recently, and we have a feeling Oppomart has gathered them into one page. Plus, the phone is priced at $299 (2000 yuan).

Now as for the rest of today’s leaks. Seems there is no doubt the Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport a dual camera on the back. All spotted photos claim this feature. Other than that, the phone comes with a ceramic / glass body, which is one of the gladsome news. I mean the Xiaomi Mi 5S lacks this feature, and it caused a lot of complains towards this handset.

Scenario: How to Bury Mi Brand via Xiaomi Mi 6

So it turns out the only thing we can say for sure the Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport a Snapdragon 835 chip. It will sport a ceramic or glass body. The screen size has remained the same for the regular version at 5.15 inches. Finally, it will be packed with a dual-camera (crossing fingers for IMX400 and / or Carl Zeiss optics). Honestly, nothing more can be said for the moment.

To understand how it will look, if all the aforementioned rumors are true, let’s take a peek at the Xiaomi Mi 6 render.

Xiaomi mi 6



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  1. If this phone works in the U.S., it would get a lot of sales…$100 cheaper than the original OP3.

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