Is this Xiaomi Mi 5S? Vertical Dual Camera – Bright Black Version!

Last night, Weibo was on fire with the Xiaomi Mi 5S renderings. A picture of the terminal (black variant) was received by a user (@Digital newspaper) showing dual cameras.

From the image below, we can clearly see the dual camera arranged in vertical symmetry, but the comes in the position of the dual camera which was the center top.

How could this be real? I mean everyone is expecting dual cameras on the top left like those of iPhone 7 Plus. Even the recent leaked photos show the positioning of the two lenses on the left side. Maybe the first picture is PS.

However, neglecting the dual cameras, when compared to its predecessor (Xiaomi Mi 5), no change can be seen in the design. It’s still the ceramic back with those curvy sides to exaggerate Xiaomi Mi 5S charm and even the bright black color is interesting.

What do you think, is the first picture real or the second one? Surely, time will tell.

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