Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch Review

Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer is renowned for producing some great innovative products worldwide. Smartwatches are becoming popular, and they now sport some of the major features that we get via our smartphones. The design of Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is so attractive that anyone would fall in love with this device. Here is a detailed review of the capabilities of this smartwatch. This smartwatch which was launched last year is the first smartwatch with a 28nm GPS sensor globally. This fitness-focused smartwatch boasts of numerous specs and abilities such that despite being over a year old, it is still at par or even better than many recently released wearables.

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Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch Smartwatch – A Watch For Smart People

Design & Appearance

The design is something that makes it unique. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch comes with a ceramic build along with the silicone strap. This whole combination makes the watch look and feels premium. The silicone strap ensures that you avoid any possible irritation due to sweating during summer. On the right, there is the On/Off button. The color options include black and red. AMAZFIT is a model designed with ceramic bezel, making it durable and resistant to scratching.


This device features a sensitive IPS touchscreen. It sports a 1.34-inch screen with 320 x 300 resolution The always-on display allows you to read easily even under bright sunlight.  This makes the touch experience more impressive. The display is crisp and bright which allows you to easily operate it in sunlight.  It is comfortable with dial size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm, and it weighs about 54 grams.

Hardware & Performance

The smartwatch is powered by a dual-core processor clocking 1.2 GHz coupled with 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of internal memory. For a smartwatch, this is quite sufficient for a seamless operation and usability. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is a great choice for those looking to get fit. AMAZFIT features built-in GPS, so it provides accurate pace, distance, sports trail, altitude, and steps for your runs. It provides all professional sports data accurately, which provides the basis for analyzing, improving and raising sports level.


Battery & Connectivity

The watch is powered by a 280 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery which ensures that the watch lasts for at least a whole day with average use. To be specific, the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch battery lasts for about 11.6 days on pure watch mode, 5 days on cruise duration and 35 hours with continuous heart-rate and GPS tracking. With advanced technology in a versatile design, this revolutionary device even features WiFi connect ability. You can enjoy music on your AMAZFIT Watch without your phone when you pair with Bluetooth headphones. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is compatible with the latest Bluetooth with which you can enjoy good music seamlessly. You can store up to 500 songs in the watch and play them during your sports or fitness program.

Water Resistant Capacity

Well, when it comes to water resistant capacity, many users feel lost because they do not really know what the rating means. The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is IP67 certified. This means that it is waterproof but stepping depth doesn’t exceed one meter and steeping time doesn’t exceed 30 minutes. Thanks to the IP67 waterproof, the item is resistant to dust, rain, splashing, and accidental submersion.

Fitness Capabilities

Get fit in style with AMAZFIT – this smart fitness watch helps you maximize every workout and every day. Its 24-hour continuous heart rate monitor automatically tracks your body condition and synchronizes with any connected mobile phone. Through the data, you will get a clear understanding of yourself. Multiple recording modes allow the watch to track your runs and capture distance, time, calories, altitude as well as maximum and average of pace, speed, cadence etc. Its ability to use built-in GPS makes it far more accurate than your cell phone or other run tracking devices. You are able to enjoy music and media with the internal storage for unencumbered phone-free running after connecting wireless to Bluetooth earphones.

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch – Your Daily Companion

If you want to have notifications, fitness tracking and more on your wrist, AMAZFIT is a good value. The watch features smart notifications and vibration alerts for incoming calls, messages, emails and direct access to the weather forecast, stopwatch, compass, alarms, and more. It also automatically tracks your daily steps, distance, calories and sleep quality. When you receive a call or message, you can receive right on your watch whether you’re on the trail, on the golf course or simply away from your desk. You can also slide the screen to reject a call. It is simply convenient and effective. With Alipay, you can complete payment via your smartphone (only the Chinese version support). The watch also supports the iOS and Android system, letting you take advantage of fitness features, notifications, and even Apps. With all this and more, AMAZFIT has everything you need to reach your daily goals.

Salient Points About The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch

  • Multiple sports recorders: track running time, heart rate, pace, calories, speed, cadence, altitude, etc.
  • Well appointed communication tool: receive an incoming call, message, email, calendar, weather and notification of App
  • Excellent wristband performance: with Alipay, GPS, phone-free music, IP67 waterproof

Buyers Guidelines

  • It is compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0, Android (OS 4.4 or above); for iPhone ( iOS 8.0 or above)
  • IP67 waterproof means that stepping depth doesn’t exceed one meter and steeping time doesn’t exceed 30 minutes
  • Scan the QR code or search “AMAZFIT Watch” at Apple Store or Android market to download the App
  • The watch has two kinds of version for choosing: English and Chinese. The difference between two version is just the interface display and language of the user manual)
  • Complete charge up of the watch takes about 3 hours
  • The WiFi distance is about 5 – 10m while Bluetooth works over a range of about 10 meters
  • The watch has a 1.34-inch screen with 320 x 300 resolution and the dial thickness is 12mm
  • The watch does not need a SIM card, you just need to connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth/
  • The watch’s standby time is up to 11 days, working time is up to 5 days for regular use and 35 hours with continuous GPS tracking.
  • The watch only supports connection to one smartphone at a time. If you want to rebind a new one, please unbind the original one first.
  • The watch can’t record the step number to the App synchronously, it only read the steps on the watch.
  • The time and date will be synced with your phone after the App is connected. Please check that the device has been online in the App.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch

The Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is currently available on Gearbest for $158.84. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this smartwatch may be brought to you for FREE.



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.