Huami Amazfit Launched At 799 Yuan ($130)

Like many other Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi decided to jump into the smartwatch market as well. Generally, diversification of production is a logic approach, as it allows the manufacturer to diversify its profit sources, therefore decrease the risk of fail. But it also requires more resources and time. So Xiaomi decided to assign this deal to one of its partners, Huami. But we still don’t know whether the Huami Amazfit we have talked a lot about is what we also call the Xiaomi Smartwatch. It was announced the Huami Amazfit will be announced on August 30. If you have set up your calendar properly, then you should know today is the date when the manufacturer that has taken the care of the process should come with an appropriating announcement. Fortunately, everything went according to plan, and this too-much-discussed product is released. Meet the Huami Amazfit.

Huami Amazfit

The Huami Amazfit is the first smartwatch of Xiaomi’s subbrand, and as this manufacturer is in a deep cooperation relations with Xiaomi, we have all the reasons to think this handset is the rumored Xiaomi Smartwatch. The Xiaomi Smartwatch has been rumored to sport a number of high-end features such as Bluetooth Headphones and many more. Many of those features are found in the final specs list of the Huami Amazfit. But as this info is not officially confirmed, let’t not focus on it and give tribute Huami for such an amazing smartwatch.

The Huami Amazfit comes with a 1.34-inch display at a resolution of 300×300 pixels, a dual core 1.2GHz processor paired with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, a 200mAh battery, and great connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi. But this handset is also IP67 certified, thus it has waterproof and dustproof functions. One of the key features of this smartwatch is its battery. Though you can think it is small, the Huami Amazfit is able to serve you during 35 hours even when the GPS is ON. But if you prefer to use this watch more efficiently, it will serve you up to 5 days. Moreover, if no important option is enabled, thus the Huami Amazfit works in a saving mode, it will keep charged up to 11.5 days.

The Huami Amazfit is designed in the way that you can leave it unlocked for the whole day. Thus it can serve as a standard watch. There is only one button on the right side to unlock the phone. The next amazing feature this handset comes with is the support of AliPay (Alibaba’s mobile payment service). The overall design is cool and it comes with a dual-colored wristbands.

The pre-orders are live right now at JD, Tmall, Xiaomi official, Suning, Amazon, Mijia, and Xiaomi family store at a price tag of 799 yuan ($130). So you can hurry to get yours. The product will ship on the next day, August 31.

P.S. Keep eyes open – we’ll come soon with the Huami Amazfit in-depth review.



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