Xiaomi Enters Taiwanese Market With Mi Note 2 and Redmi Note 4X

Xiaomi is not popular abroad. But this gap should be filled soon. The company has already managed to enter into Indian and Indonesian markets. The same is going to happen for the Taiwanese smartphone market. However, the latter differs from the aforementioned two markets that means the Chinese giant should come in with another marketing campaign. This is related with the existence of HTC. It’s the most popular Taiwanese smartphone brand. Thus it has millions of followers there. Moreover, this company releases smartphones for different niches and different customers. Thus there are low-end, mid-range and even top-notch handsets in its portfolio. Unlike the Indian market Xiaomi has to bring another phone to strengthen its positions. But still we are talking what it has to do the Chinese manufacturer has a certain plan for the Taiwanese market and has already set a conference date on February 21.

Xiaomi in Taiwan

Any market Xiaomi enters it becomes an absolute leader. That’s a fact. As for Taiwanese smartphone market, this brand occupies only 1.18%. The shipments reached only 150.000 in 2016. That’s why the company is going to change the rank list for this market. On February 21 we’ll see one of the best models coming our way from Xiaomi introduced at the special spring conference.

Xiaomi in Taiwan

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is Lei Jun’s favorite mobile phone. So it’s reasonable why the company is going to officially unleash it for the Taiwanese market. Even if Lei Jun doesn’t like, it the Mi Note 2 has deserved to be introduced to any market. Thanks to a decent specs of list including a dual-curved screen and Snapdragon 821 CPU it has won hearts of millions. Now this trend is going to become viral for Taiwanese market.

Other than that, the promo poster carries a slogan ‘metal and colorful’. No certain information what a device should be unveiled next to the Mi Note 2, but we tend to think it refers to the newly launched Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.


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