Get Ready Samsung! Xiaomi to Enter Korean Market on April 28

The Xiaomi Empire is gradually expanding every year. What was started 7 years back in China has reached countries including India, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and several others. This year it’s time for Xiaomi to head Samsung’s homeland ‘Korea’ reported by ‘Korean Herald’.

Luckily, the first Xiaomi smartphone to enter the Korean market with be none other than China’s most innovative smartphone “Xiaomi Mi Mix”. The sale for the phone is already scheduled by G-Mobi Korea, the official retailer of Xiaomi in Korea. Xiaomi Mi Mix is expected  It is expected to start selling on April 28 at a price of 799000 won (about 4800 yuan).

Moreover, a clash can be foreseen between the newly released Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix. Probably, the reason for the clash is the release date of both rivals. Xiaomi is going to release a week after the S8 sale (April 21).

Xiaomi Korean

No doubt, Samsung will win this one easily after all Korea is Samsung’s homeland. But, Xiaomi should be praised for challenging Samsung in the place where it’ll start. Meanwhile, in India, Xiaomi became the second largest brand of smartphones and other gadgets.

Can Xiaomi conquer Korean market like Indian and Chinese markets? It’s all about the right time and right place. We just have to anticipated.




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