Xiaomi Announced Micro-Single Camera Dubbed As Xiaoyi M1

Xiaomi mainly focuses on launching smartphones. Most of them are high-end devices packed with the latest features. But this manufacturer is not playing only in the smartphone market. Recently we have seen the company launched its first vacuum cleaner with great features as well as the Xiaomi smartwatch (as many think so) dubbed as the Huami Amazfit. There also are Xiaomi Mi Band wristbands that managed to be sold over 10 million units. Now it’s the time for the first Xiaomi micro-camera carrying the model name Xiaoyi M1. As the name suggests, it’s not been launched by Xiaomi itself, but it comes our way via Xiaomi’s sub brand. This means Xiaomi has a key role in making this micro-camera at least.


The Xiaoyi M1 has been introduced as ‘the first smart micro-single camera for young people’ and this project has been in works from back 2013. This means the manufacturer shows the targeted market at the beginning, but let’s take a glance at its key features to understand whether the Xiaoyi M1 is designed for this market only.

The Xiaoyi M1 micro-single camera comes with two color options – black and silver. It is equipped with the Sony Exmor IMX269 sensor, i.e. we are dealing with a 20.16MP camera (ISO 100-25600) capturing photos at a resolution of 5184 × 3888 pixels that can be also interpolated up to 50MP providing 8160 × 6120 pixel resolution shooting. It support 4K video recording at 30 fps and 1080p video recording at 60 fps with low noise.

xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-8 xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-7 xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-3  xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-2 xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-1

The Xiaoyi M1 comes with a built-in ISP image processor, quad-core ARM CPU and it also supports HDR, uncompressed RAW, EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), distortion correction, etc. Two most attractive features of this camera are Touch Tap AF and Face Detection (up to 32 faces). This micro-single camera is powered with a Japan COPAL mechanical shutter at a speed of 60s-1 / 4000s and offers a maximum exposure time of 30 minutes and continues photos every 5 seconds.

xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-5 xiaoyi-m1-hands-on-4

As for the lens, the first version Xiaoyi M1 comes with an 85mm lens filter while the second one comes with a macro-ducal lens. The focal length of the first version is 12-40mm/maximum aperture of F3.5-5.6, and there are also an ED lens, 3 non-spherical lens, and an aspherical ED lens. It weighs 186 grams. The second model comes with a 62 mm lens filter and 42.5mm of maximum aperture/F1.8 lens.

The first model with standard zoom kit is priced at 2199 yuan, while the second one with dual-lens kit will be available for 2999 yuan. Both cameras will debut on September 23.

You can check out the presentation photos below.

xiaoyi-m1-presentation-13 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-12 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-11 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-10 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-9 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-8 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-7 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-6 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-5 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-4 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-3 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-2 xiaoyi-m1-presentation-1

And these official photos are here for your viewing pleasure as well.

xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-12 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-11 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-10 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-9 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-8 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-7 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-6 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-5 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-4 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-3 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-2 xiaoyi-m1-official-photos-1



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