Upcoming flagship AGM X2 may be the best outdoor smartphone for shooting photos

Since part of the specs of the AGM X2 was unveiled at MWC 2017, the upcoming monstrous flagship has been drawing many attentions on markets, this IP68 certified handset is equipped with a 16M rear camera, 13M front-facing shooter and a battery with capacity of 6000mAh or more.

Aside from the specs, according to the latest rumors, the phone is expected to employ RGB + Mono dual-camera technology for improving image quality under low-light conditions, which means that to large extent it helps users to shoot night scene photos with higher details on par with other flagship frontrunners such as Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, the Pixel and the LG G6 when it comes to photography. And the camera setup will have better algorithm of Backlight Mode than many high-end handsets to produce high-quality photos when the light behind the subject.

What is RGB + Mono camera?

The dual camera has a RGB sensor and a Monochrome sensor to capture a photo simultaneously, the RGB sensor takes color photos by filtering out light in order to determine which colors (Red, Green, Blue) is taken or go, which makes the images come out sharp but losing detail. In contrast, the monochrome sensor doesn’t care about the color of light, it captures all incoming light, and it only captures scenes in black and white with much more detail than color sensor.

With these two sensor working together, the phone is able to capture more light and add more detail by combining a photo produced by Color sensor with another photo produced by Monochrome sensor, the final photo therefore is extremely high quality.

What is the advantage of Backlight Mode?

When the sun is right in front of you lighting the back of the subject you are shooting, usually the main subject would be too dark, resulted in an awful photo, because the camera’s built-in automatic light meter is unable to correct overall exposure. In this case the Backlight Mode is for adjusting the exposure to compensate for the difference between foreground and background so that the subject is better exposed.  Thanks to the improved algorithm the AGM X2 claims to have ability to produce much better Backlight photos than any other rugged devices.

In general, the AGM X2 is expected to pack an excellent 16MP dual camera capable of dealing with low light conditions and backlight subjects as well as providing vivid images with higher detail, If the rumors are to be truth, the AGM X2 can be said the best outdoor smartphone for filming and shooting photos by eclipsing its competitors in the field of rugged devices.

If the AGM X2 is sort of out of your price range, or you have been looking for a budget-friendly handset, the AGM A8, another IP68 certified one of AGM series, might be a good choice for you. It comes with a 5-inch 720P display, Qualcomm 410 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, 4050mAh battery and 13MP rear camera. Now you can get it for just $125.99 by saving $24 off of the retail price thanks to the promo till May 1st on Aliexpress

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