UMi Super Review – It’s More than a Phone, It’s Super

UMi® is the most famous Chinese manufacturer in rendering some of the best Chinese smartphones with a budget-friendly price tag. The organization is even better than Xiaomi and LeTV in doing so. Although some of their terminals are not convincing at all due to some errors, UMi has the potential to address its name amongst top international manufacturers alike Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, etc. But, why isn’t UMi among the best? Probably, the answer lurks in the little fame of the Chinese company and their limited sales. But everything is going to change through UMi’s latest flagship known as ‘UMi Super.’

UMi Super

To be specific, UMi Super is a 5.5-inch high mid-end phone featuring the modern Helio P10 processor and 4GB RAM for a breathtaking performance with a stupendous value. But, this isn’t enough to describe UMi Super. We must grasp the details of this terminal in this review and to know the true meaning of Super.

UMi Super Review – The Details

What’s in the Box?

UMi Super comes well packed in a shiny black box. No doubt that this time, they have paid attention to the packaging and first look of UMi after the delivery. We can have the first experience of the phone after lifting the Sadly; we don’t see extra accessories with it only the essential ones which includes:

  • UMi Super Smartphone.
  • USB Type-C charging cable with USB Charger (original plug is EU but can select others).
  • User Guide and SIM slot opener in the black envelope under the phone.

UMi Super BOX

Design and Appearance

We don’t easily get impressed by the look of any phone. But UMi Super had that charm that made us dazzle. Seriously, a perfect unibody metal chassis with the most accurate processing in any of the UMi products. The phone has physical dimensions of 150.8 x 75 x 8.5 mm. It’s true that the phone is pretty much thick on the average thickness of 7.5mm. Even it seems to be a little bit hefty with those 196 grams, for which the Aluminium metal body seems to be a valid reason. Despite this, the phone fits perfect in the hand, and we feel the presence of a premium phone.

UMi Super Dimensions

On the rear of the phone, we see the silver or golden metallic shine on the back camera placed on the center-top of the Super. Right below is the Dual LED flash and a fingerprint reader. The top and the bottom of the back comprises of plastic for antennas which are logical.

The sides appear to be CNC processed with smooth curves at the corners. The 2.5D is also present here, but sadly due to the slightly thick bezels, the phone’s display is not completely bezel-less. One can find dark gray borders visible on the side frame to enhance the beauty of the terminal further.

On the front, the most striking and rare aspect is the circular lining which acts as a notification LED with seven colors for different types of notifications and home button (on screen) at the same time. It’s the only button there which is illuminating. Isn’t it interesting? On the top, the fabulous location of the front shooter and the earpiece is retained.

UMi Super Design 1

In buttons and port placement, we have a USB Type-C situated, along with HiFi speakers with studio playback sound at the bottom and surprisingly there is also the 3.5mm audio jack on the top. The smart button on the left allows you to select the recent apps. Here’s a comparison of UMi Super with two top phones:

UMi Super Comapre

In short, UMi Super is the most beautiful phone created by the Chinese manufacturer UMi, which combines perfectly with trends and traditions.

Screen and Display

One of the strengths of UMi Super is its 5.5-inch huge screen with LTPS display from Sharp®. The resolution of the display is also Full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) with an excellent pixel density of 401 ppi. The specialty of Sharp is to provide excellent contrast and sharp colors along with indiscernible individual pixels.

UMi Super Display

The phone has the minimum brightness to be used under direct sunlight with no problems. As it is LTPS so, we will have some good viewing angles with colors rendered naturally and vigorously.
UMi Super Side View

For the protection of the screen, UMi Super features Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and the previously discussed 2.5D glass. The smart wake function hasn’t introduced yet, but we hope that it will be available in the next software update.

In short, the display seems to be fair; it could be Quad-HD but for a higher price tag. Right now, for that price it is excellent.

Hardware and Performance

Mentioning the hardware of UMi Super, under the hood, we have the latest mid-class SoC MediaTek Helio P10 or MT6755 (8 cores @ 1.95 GHz) – a Quad Core processor well known for its powerful and energy efficient performance. Moreover, the GPU is Mali T860 and the one of selling point which is probably the 4GB RAM. The smartphone has ample power to play the latest 3D games smoothly with less heat dissipation. Even multitasking is Superb at that level and no freezing and delaying during use befall. The picture below shows the benchmarks of the processor and the speed rate of RAM and ROM.

Meanwhile, we have an internal memory of 32GB, which is expandable through Micro-SD card (up to 256GBGB). Previously, he spoke a little about the fingerprint reader. Now for details, the company says that it is a Microarray 4th Generation, fingerprint reader. The user unlocks the phone in only 0.1s which are the shortest for any phone.

No doubt with that benchmark the phone will not be amongst the top 10 phones, but for $200, its great.


UMI Camera design

About 80% of the phones integrates a Sony sensor, but UMi Super rear camera is an exception; a 13 MP camera signed by not only but Panasonic. The highlights about this camera are all about the speed. It has an auto-focus which can focus within 0.3 secs and zero shutter lag. Moreover, we see a balance among the colors like natural. Even the camera provides good results (not perfect) in a bad light. However, the image with this camera is the one with extreme details. Here are some samples in the slide:

UMi Super Camera Sample 2
UMi Super Camera Sample 1
UMi Super Camera Sample 3
UMi Super Camera Sample 4
UMi Super Camera Sample

Leaving with 5 MP front shooter, which has a fair outcome and not that much interesting.

Operating System

UMi Super currently runs on the latest Android OS known as Marshmallow (v6.0.1). It’s like the stock based OS, entirely untouched. We don’t have any extra and annoying pre-installed apps on the terminal. Overall, like the camera, the OS is all about the speed also. It takes only 1 Sec to open most apps.

UMi Super OS
UMI Super Sound
UMi Super OS 1
UMi Super Fingerprint
UMI Super Button

Even the camera app takes 0.5 secs to open. Overall, Android 6.0 runs smoothly without a single bug. For any updates, OTA feature is also there.



Speaking about the network connectivity, UMi Super supports 2G, 3G as well as 4G LTE along all frequencies. We have a Dual-SIM here, but sadly the slot is Hybrid, which means only 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and Micro-SD can work at a time. The reception is pretty much reliable, even in those areas which provide a weak response for most Chinese phones. When it comes to WiFi and Bluetooth, they are also excellent for the reception. WiFi seems to be 2X as it’s a Dual band WiFi module. Like previously said, the SIM slot can be opened via SIM slot opener present with the user manual. The voice quality of the earpiece is also exceptional, and the microphone has the noise canceling feature which is nowadays common in the majority of the phones.

UMi Super Signal

Navigation is also precise and real time with no errors, thanks to the GPS of UMi Super. If you want to spot an individual you can find him within two meters. However, a compass is missing here.

UMi Super GPS

At last specifying some of the sensors, we have a gravity sensor, a proximity sensor, an accelerometer, a light sensor and a gyroscope installed.


Here comes a change as UMi says that their product powers with 4000mAh composed by Sony. But the size isn’t confirmed yet, as a test showed  3400-3600 mAh. Too bad that Umi again tried to deceive the customer, here. Even we can’t remove and reinstate a battery as it’s non-removable. The good point is that UMi super supports Quick Charge, which tops up the phone in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

UMI Super Button

So the battery life is just satisfactory, and the phone would have rocked results if the battery had improved, slightly.

Pros & Cons


  • Unibody Metal Design
  • Nice Screen Display
  • Supports all LTE frequencies
  • 4GB memory
  • Notification LED
  • Latest Android 6.0


  • Hybrid Slot
  • False statement about battery

Specification Sheet of UMi Super

Attention: The internal data of table “114” is corrupted!

Price and Availability

The smartphone UMi Super is available on every Chinese store, but the best price is mentioned on Gearbest for $199.29 with free shipping. The phone is available in two colors: Gray and Golden. We would like to end this review by giving you the buying link for UMi Super shown below:

UMi Super Rating
  • Design and Appearance - 9/10
  • Screen and Display - 8/10
  • Hardware and Performance - 8/10
  • Camera - 7/10
  • Operating System - 7/10
  • Connectivity - 8/10
  • Battery - 6/10
  • Performance / Price - 8/10


With a stupendous budget of $200, high-performance hardware, the best unibody metallic design by UMi and Panasonic Camera, XiaomiToday recommend this terminal for the best mid-end phone.

User Rating 3.4 (10 votes)
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  1. Wow, it has 4GB RAM and Android 6.0 OS. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy one right now, only got one Bluboo Maya with $69.99.

  2. Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos comes with epic features as we know that but the really good thing in it is a both cameras of that device 😉

  3. Umi Super is Good but i want to buy a budget smartphone with big display, maybe 6.0-inch, and find the Vkworld T1 Plus a good choice.

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