Umi Plus Review – Detailed Review and All you need to Know! [Coupon]

Umi Plus Review is hugely popular among smartphone and tablet users all over the world. This article will put forth all the positive as well as negative aspects of the device. Though giants in global market share, Chinese brands were considered mediocre when it comes to technical sophistication and innovation.

With the launch of Umi Plus and scores of other top notch smartphones from Chinese brands that will give other global brands a run for their money, it seems that the Chinese brands have aced it. Many Chinese brands in the market have created fierce competition for major global smartphone manufacturers.

We are going to focus on Umi Plus 4G Phablet today and discuss its pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision before you buy one for yourself. So here we go. Read through the lists both of pros and cons of the smartphone, and you will know what is stored for you in this, wonder-phone.

Umi Plus is a great 4G device for it’s price and the power it offers, We’ve a detailed review which you can check out below, The Review Will also contain a few Pros & Cons and Will also cover Frequently Asked Questions!

Umi Plus Review

Umi Plus Review, Detailed Review with Pros and Cons!

Many of the characteristics of the phone will surprise you to no end so brace yourself and take an enjoyable trip into the fabulous world of technological excellence and a combination of powerful hardware and aesthetics.

  1. One of the most important aspects to be considered when you buy an expensive smartphone is is it a sturdy device or is it easily breakable if you accidentally drop it on the ground. The body of Umi Plus 4G Phablet is made of a hard metal and has small chances of being easily damaged. The 6000 series aluminum makes it too high to be easily damaged. And the narrow side bezels add to the beauty of the smartphone.
  2. The reversible connector the smartphone comes with is a USB Type-C connector and can also be used for data syncing along with its primary purpose of charging. You can also attach a USB OTG cable through the connector that supports it.
  3. You will get an unaltered and undisturbed experience of using an Android Marshmallow operating system with a clean interface that comes without any additional apps or bloatware that occupy most of the space and also slow down your smartphone because they run in the background unnoticed.

Umi Plus Review

  1. You can use two 4G SIM cards at the same time since both the slots support 4G networks as dual standby. You can also make voice calls using mobile internet connection since the smartphone supports VoLTE network.
  2. The first thing you look at when you pick up a smartphone is how big and attractive the display screen of the phone is. With a large 5.5 inches display form a Spartan display manufacturer, Sharp, and a 2.5D curved glass, the phone certainly has a lovely aesthetic view. The display has large viewing angles thanks to it 95% NTSC and is equally good as any other high-end smartphone on the market. The display screen has a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels that gives it a pixel density of almost 401 pixels per inch!
  3. The fingerprint scanner or sensor on the front panel of the phone is very quick to recognize and respond. The group can recognize fingers from all 360-degree angles. You can register all five fingers on the board. It responds with lightning speed and takes only 0.1 to 0.2 seconds to recognize your fingers.
  4. Umi Plus uses the outstandingly positive Fingerprint Touch ID 2.1 + which is the fastest to understand and respond. Known for its unmatched user experience, it returns within 0.1 seconds after you touch it and the phone is unlocked in no time. Your fingerprints are encrypted and stored safely in a dedicated chip that is inaccessible even to you. It’s certainly faster and more convenient than passcodes or patterns.
  5. The primary camera of the smartphone has a 13-megapixel sensor, and the secondary camera has a five-pixel sensor. Samsung makes the sensors, and the image quality of both the cameras is very vibrant in outdoor photography even in lightning conditions. They also function in low light and give excellent performance in artificial lights.

Umi Plus Review

  1. The smartphone has DDR3 4 GB RAM also made by Samsung which is capable of multitasking quite like a desktop computer.
  2. You can use as many apps as you want without any heating or lagging problems because the phone is powered by the 64 bit CPU Octa-core Helio P10 Mediatek.
  3. The phone has 32 GB internal memory which is expandable up to 256 GB using a micro-SD card.
  4. The massive 4000 mAh battery easily lasts a couple of days for a regular user. Those who use it heavily for playing games or watching videos can also expect it to last the whole day.
  5. A large battery like this one is supposed to take a long time to be fully charged. However, a fast battery charging technology used in Umi Plus helps it load faster. It takes only 30 minutes to charge 50%.
  6. A Mali T860 GPU takes care of the graphics of the games and is capable of running high-end games without any lags or drops in frame speed even at the highest configurations.
  7. The operating system used on the phone is Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest version of Android. The pure Android experience will make your life a little easier and much more exciting. It’s enhanced for performance, customization and battery life.

And a Few Drawbacks You Can Get Over

One among the very few drawbacks of the phone is that there’s no dedicated card slot for a memory card. That means you have to use one of the SIM card slots if you want to use a memory card. It also means that you can use only one SIM card if you are using a memory card.

Our Verdict

It’s worth the price. Go for it if your eyes are set on the beautiful device.

Use the coupon (Code: umisGB) to get it for only $147.99.


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