UMi Max Review: Things just got Max! [Coupon]

UMi Max is a new smartphone that is frequently talked of. This smartphone, running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), seems to be really promising with Helio P10 Octa-core processor and a Mali T 860 GPU, 3GB RAM,  16 GB ROM and extendable memory of upto 256GB. And that is not the end of attraction; UMi Max also has a Panasonic 13 Megapixel fast camera which sounds fair. Our team has performed a detailed UMi Max Review. Now, let us see what is implied by the results from the close observations for all of its features during the UMi Max Review. Will it zoom past its peers?

Umi Max Review-Accessories
UMi Max Review by XiaomiToday-Phablet and Accessories

Design and Hardware – UMi Max Review

Taking a look at the design of UMi Max, two things are very prominent – excellent workmanship and a relatively heavy weight. This phablet is manufactured well, and the finishing is of the excellent standard. For the UMi Max review, we must mention that the phablet weighs 203 grams, which is considered heavier. It seems the 4000 mAh battery that comes with UMi Max does have a significant share of the overall heavier weight of the device. The thickness of UMi Max is 8.50 mm which is relatively slim; 75mm wide and 170.5mm long. For comparison, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with similar parameters maintain 164 grams. There is no second opinion in that UMi Max is a little heavier with its specifications. However, it must also be admitted that this device is of superior design and an excellent finish, as you will discover for yourself as we go further with this UMi Max review.

Umi Max Review-Dimensions imageUMi Max Review-Dimensions

The case is entirely made of Aluminum, except two plastic strips at the back-bottom and top. Indeed, the UMi Max look and gives the feel of high quality overall.

The access to the battery is denied as there is no removable back cover. Micro SIM card and SD card can be fed into the phablet using a hybrid slot on the left side. Using the hybrid slot, two micro SIM cards can be utilized, or a micro SIM and a micro SD card can be employed.

The buttons, made of Aluminum, works at comfortable finger pressure but sit quite shakily in the phablet casing. The volume and power buttons are located on the right side in UMi Max. Additionally, there is another quickly configurable button which can be assigned to open any app by using pressing it. At the bottom, there is the type-C USB port for charging and data transfer.

The internal speaker is of average quality. The sound distorts a little, and the output is not incredibly detailed one. However, if connected with headphones, you get a surprisingly good sound, which is well suited for listening music on the go.

On the back side of UMi Max beneath the camera is a dual LED flash and below is further is the fingerprint sensor with a millimeter depression from the surface into the casing. The fingerprint sensor of UMi Max works well. Up to 5 different fingers were scanned and unlocking took less than a second including from standby mode.

Umi Max Review-Camera, Flashlight and Finger Sensor - imageUMi Max Review-Camera, Flashlight and Finger Sensor

The 5.5-inch display is surrounded only by a margin of 2.2mm to give it a sleek look. Below the display is the Home button which is circular, a bit similar to iPhones, illuminated by multicolor LED for various notifications and alerts. With appealing pulses of light that are multicolor, the feature looks good. Beside the Home button are the two soft-buttons, one on each side. The user has the option whether to use the touch soft-buttons or onscreen buttons.

Umi Max Review-Home Button and Soft Buttons - imageUMi Max Review-Home Button and Soft Buttons

As for the sensors, the UMi Max has built accelerometer; Proximity, brightness and compass sensors. A gyroscope is also available for the use of VR goggles.

Display – UMi Max Review

UMi Max comes with a 5.5. Inch IPS touch screen, manufactured by Sharp, with 1920 x 1080 pixels. With a pixel density of 401 ppi which is well above the retina value, individual pixels are not discernible by naked eyes. The image quality as observed during our UMi Max review were good, considering the price range. The Sharp display does have a good contrast and high enough brightness for outdoor use. However, it did showed weakness in intense light. Once light appears on the panel, the display firmly reflects it.

During our UMi Max review, the touch screen simultaneously registered five contact points and was found to be relatively precise.

Umi Max Review-Display-image
UMi Max Review-Display

The display glass is slightly rounded on the sides (2.5 Glass) to ensure high-quality display and good user experience. Gorilla Glass 3 which is resistant to scratches, also comes with UMi Max. It is bad to suspect that there is no Gorilla Glass 3, but after a week’s use, UMi Max did develop some scratches on its display. Users can configure the pre-installed Miravision tools and settings to adjust the image according to preferences. Other functions like SmartWake are not available in UMi Max.

Capability – UMi Max 4G

UMi Max is built with an Helio P10 (MTK6755) processor. The eight Cortex A-53 CPU cores are clocked at 2.0GHz. Additionally, there is a Mali T860 Graphics Processing Unit, 3GB RAM. In the mid-range, this phablet is a smooth performing device. Thanks to the Octa Core processor, 3GB RAM and 4000mAh battery.

Multi-tasking, simultaneous surfing and use of few apps, did not show any slow down at the user end and during the tests, it performed seamless, fast performance. In a nutshell, UMi Max review is of the opinion that this phablet is designed to deal with everyday needs of most the smartphone users. Here are the screenshots of the benchmark scores.

The internal memory that comes with UMi Max is of 16GB with a read/ write speed of 185/74 MB/sec which sounds exquisite. Further, one of the micro SIM slots can be replaced with a micro SD card up to 256GB. During the UMi Max review, it was found that the 3GB RAM built with this device has the capability of 6GB/sec data transfer which is again an incredible performance.

Less graphically demanding games can all be played in UMi Max 4G phablet without any problems. The performance showed deteriorating in some of the performance-intensive games. Asphalt 8 cannot be played due to a lot of performance lag. Modern contrast can be played a little smoothly. During prolonged gaming, there is a bit of heat generation, but that did not dissipate into the critical areas. In short, UMi Max phablet is not a big gaming device, but it does have the potential of addressing occasional lower performance intensive game users.

Android 6.0 in UMi Max 4G Phablet

UMi Max runs on Android 6.0 and comes without pre-installed bloatware where users get a clean and responsive system. The changes in the system are only limited to some setting extensions like the Quick Start button or the notification LED that can be configured. Google Play is pre-installed, and all apps can be downloaded without limitations. During our UMi Max review, the phablet ran without crashes and bugs.

Firmware Updates

Umi Max ought to receive updates through integrated update function using WiFi. During our test, the device came with the firmware version V20160810 installed. The terminal did not find a firmware update although it was available. We had to upgrade the firmware with SPFlash Tool manually. Hopefully, further updates of the firmware can be done through the integrated update function. Updates via integrated update service will mean a lot of relief for users without experience with the flashing of firmware.

UMi Max Review-firmware update


UMi Max comes with a 13 Megapixels high-speed camera and a sensor from Panasonic. The image quality is not very impressive with the overall result not sharp enough to edge the blur, noise. The worst part is that of its color rendering with the images being tinted red apart from representing the realistic object being photographed. The autofocus is quick, and UMi Max has short release time, but they are irrelevant. But it is very likely that the poor image quality is due to the UMi software, and it is probable that the manufacturer will fix this soon with a firmware update. We will change our UMi Max Review accordingly if at all a firmware fix is available.

The 5 Megapixels front camera is acceptable, although with less sharp image result, with decent color reproduction. For video calling and selfies, it is of desirable quality.

Connectivity-UMi Max Review

UMi Max supports dual SIM dual standby. But the dual SIM feature can only be enjoyed as long as the user does not want to expand the external memory using a micro SD card. The phone supports two micro SIM cards or a micro SIM card and a micro SD. UMi Max supports 4G, 3G, and 2G frequencies. During our test, the phablet resulted in good reception, voice quality both during calling and receiving. Hands-free operation is also conveniently possible.

The WiFi frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz had a good range, and the Bluetooth 4.1 connection was stable till 8 meters of clear sight.

umi max review-gps

The GPS that comes with UMi Max 4G phablet connects up quite rapidly and links up with up to 16 satellites. During our tests, GPS did not run over any problem anyhow while on foot and while in a driving car up to 80Kmph. A compass is also available for the GPS which is very helpful for directional guides.

Battery and Charger – UMi Max 4G Phablet

umi max review-battery scoreUMi Max sources its power from a robust 4000mAh Sony battery. During our UMi Max review, the battery lasted for a little over two days with optimal use. Even with much frequent and intensive use, UMi Max conveniently lasted a day. If you are seeking for a device with the more powerful battery, this device will certainly make you happy as far as battery specification is concerned.

With high-performance games playing, UMi Max can loose as much as 12 percent of the full battery capacity in half an hour. In the same performance and battery drain, it will last about four hours of intensive gaming.

Charging Adaptor

The battery charging adaptor that came with UMi Max was of 1A. With the battery capacity of such Ampere-Hour (4000mAh), it takes about four hours for the phablet to charge fully. However, with double the amperage of 2A, the phablet charged fully in one hour and fifty minutes.

umi max review-battery adaptor

Price and Availability

Use the coupon (code: UMIMAXG) to get it for only $129.99 from GearBest.


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  1. Umi Max is Good but expensive.
    i compared Uhans H5000 with UMi Max.
    H5000 battery 4500mAH , ROM 32GB, price 109.99$ at gearbest
    UMi max battery 4000mAH, ROM 16GB price 175$ at gearbest.
    so i definitely buy Uhans H5000.
    check the video

  2. good smartphone but Uhans H5000 is better.
    UMi Max add smaller battery, memory and more expensive.than Uhans H5000.

  3. thanks for review.
    i am looking for Uhans H5000 because of powerful battery, huge memory support, and cheaper in price???/
    price $109.99 with free silicon case and protective film.

  4. This is not a true dual sim as the sd card has to use the second sim slot. Most people who use the phone for business need an sd card, but on this phone it then reduces it to a single sim, so the listing it as dual sim is very misleading. This is a major fault for me. People buy these phones not realising they have been mislead. Luckily I got mine through Amazon Prime so could return it easily. I went for the Alcatel Flash Plus 2 which as two sim slots AND a separate sd card slot.

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