Uhans A101 Review: What Can You Afford For $60?

A simple question that should throw you into thoughts – what you can afford with in your country? The author if this question isn’t me, but Uhans that asked a simple question to showcase how affordable a smartphone can be. I guess you understand our hero of this review, the Uhans A101 is priced at only . But there is the inverse question – what you get buying a smartphone? If the first question is not our topic of conversation, the second question is what this review relies on.

Uhans A101

We are not obsessed with Uhans handsets, but you can find a few reviews and some interesting news we have come in earlier. Probably the most popular smartphone is the Uhans S1 that is considered to be a piece of art. We have already talked about the Uhans U100 availability informing it costs $99. But now we are going to talk about a handset that is promoted as a tribute to Nokia. Keep on reading to find out why the promotion campaign of the Uhans A101 carries this slogan.

Uhans A101 Design

The Nokia 1100 is considered to be the best selling handset in the world. Maybe Uhans had kept this in mind when making A101 and promoting it, but I guess the Uhans A101 has many common design elements with the Nokia 1100. That’s why they think this is the Android running version of the Nokia 1100.

Like its founding father the Uhans A101 is compact, durable, and features a removable battery. The body is rounded, and curved glass covers its screen. The Uhans A101 is simply made up of six ovals that emulate the emphasis of being a piece of art when brought together. When designing this handset the manufacturer was keeping in mind the Uhans A101 should be a highly-durable smartphone, thus this was on the first position of priorities. As it is a rugged device, you have no reason to worry about the phone getting damaged or breaking. I don’t know whether rounded edges are made with this purpose, but the emphasis is on making use of them. So we can say the Uhans A101 doesn’t contain any sharp lines or angles.

The back panel is covered with a soft touch rubber that gives a more premium look and feel than you can get from another handset from the same category. Shortly, the Uhans A101 offers a leather-like feel. But this feature can’t be accepted definitely, because currently smartphone makers come in with metal and glass bodies, and only a few handsets can be found with a leather or rubber housing. On the other hand, the Uhans A101 is made of a special material that unlike the cold plastic or the slippery glass is nice to touch and does not collect fingerprints. The phone has a metal finish that makes the phone to look stylish and gives smooth touch and soft feel to the palms.

The back of the Uhans A101 carries a primary camera with a flash light, the left side is left blank, while the volume rocker and the unlock button are on the right side. The mini USB and speaker are located on the bottom of the handset, and the 3.5mm audio jack is on the top. The rest of slots are under the back cover (I guess you remember its back cover is removable). The UHANS A101 is packed into a body of 143.5*71.2*9.5mm, thus it’s a bulky phone if taking into account current smartphones and their dimensions. The handset also weighs 158 grams.


The UHANS A101 is available in two colors – Midnight Navy and Cloud Dancer. The first one is a mix of gray and a slight azure shade. Shortly, it is a color between black and deep blue. As you remember, this is Nokia’s original choice of shade and hue, and this is the way how the manufacturer gives tribute to Nokia. So we can state the phone maker didn’t come with its own color, but this is a great option when looking for something differ from black and white.

Uhans A101 Display

This smartphone is equipped with a 5-inch IPS TFT display at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This HD display is covered with a 2.5D glass like almost all other handsets launched recently. As the Uhans A101 gives tribute to the Nokia’s durable handsets, the company decided to make the screen rugged as well. Though you will have some differences when looking for a Chinese mid-range or entry-level handset protected with Gorilla Glass 4, this device is exception. I guess you understand the scratch resistant option of it has no impact on screen’s sensitivity. Moreover, the Uhans A101 provides smooth touch. It’s a 5 points multi-touch and has a pixel density of 294 PPI. Not that much, but still acceptable. Besides the Gorilla Glass 4 it also has two layers of anti-fingerprint coating. Thus you are left with no chance to leave any fingerprint on the phone.


The handset comes with an OnCell screen made with a favorite technology called LTPS. It provides 1000:1 contrast ratio, IPS 178 degrees of viewing angle, and 500 nit brightness. Thanks to a screen-to-body ratio of Uhans A101 the manufacturer can peacock, and even compare it with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Uhans A101 comes with a unique technology dubbed as MiraVision. The latter is capable of analyzing the content that should be displayed and regulate the brightness, contrast and colors depending on the current lighting making it possible not to lose any detail.

Uhans A101 Cameras

We used to see Sony Exmore lens on many smartphones, but this is not the case. The Uhans A101 comes with an 8MP primary camera on the back that is capable of taking 3264 x 2448 pixel photos, It comes with a single LED flash and Panasonic sensor. Though the manufacturer claims every detail will be captured carefully, an 8MP Panasonic camera is not able to provide it. Moreover, it’s a 5MP camera that can be interpolated to an 8MP one. But we know what this means. Unfortunately, we have almost the same picture for the front camera – the Uhans A101 sports a 2MP camera with an OmniVision sensor that is capable of taking 1920 x 1080 pixel photos.


Uhans A101 Performance

The latest product of Uhans comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow pre-installed. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether the phone is upgradable to higher versions of Google’s mobile OS.

As for hardware, the phone is powered with a MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. It’s a bit annoying, because almost all the handsets we have reviewed recently has had at least an octa-core processor. The Uhans A101 is considered to be an entry-level handset, but honestly, it provides an experience seen at mid-range handsets. This CPU is weaker in comparison to other processors, but it is capable of saving up to 50% power of original Android system. The phone has been tested on Geekbench 3 and showed 501 scores and 1409 scores in terms of single- and multi core tests, respectively.


Anyway, the device is also packed with a 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. And if we can say the internal memory can be expanded via TF card slot, you have no chance to expand the RAM. Disappointed!

As for the connectivity, the Uhans A101 supports fast FDD-LTE 4G network, surprisingly. To understand what I am talking about you can compare the download speed for 3G and 4G networks – 2.8Mbps and 150Mbps, respectively.

Finally, the Uhans A101 comes packed with a 2450mAh removable battery, which can provide up to 10 hours of internet browsing, 12 hours of video playback, 30 hours of talk time and 45 hours of music play.

Uhans A101 Hidden Features

There are a few hidden features you can activate to enjoy a richer experience with the UHANS A101. For this deal you have to head over to the settings menu and then to the ‘Accessibility settings’ sub menu. Enable all the hidden features that include a smart light, gestures, a smart screenshot and non-touch operation. The first one will allow you to unlock the phone via a double tap. The second one allows the phone to identify different gestures and launch different apps and make operations such as calling contacts, reading messages, controlling music and unlocking the smartphone. What I liked the most is the way you take screenshots on the Uhans A101. You just have to swipe down with three fingers. And finally, you can control the gallery and switch interfaces even not touching the screen.


The Uhans A101 is thought to be the revival of the Nokia 1100, and though we have no idea whether it can be sold in 200 million units, this device deserves to be praised. This smartphone is available around $70, but it brings a lot of fun. Moreover, you can use the coupon (code: GBA101) anytime when you need it to get it for the most affordable price. To answer the question asked at the beginning of the review, we only have to put all the pros and cons side by side:


  • Durable coating
  • Anti-fingerprint coating and display
  • Gorilla Glass 4 5-inch HD Display
  • FDD-LTE 4G Network Support
  • Decent Set of Unique/Useful Features
  • Under $70 Price Tag


  • 8MP Primary Camera
  • MediaTek MT6737 Quad-Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM

Use the coupon (code: OUVIDHFI) to get it for $59.99.


Argam Artashyan

Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.


  1. I have been using UHANS A101 for several months now and with great pleasure. Inexpensive, reliable. It satisfies my requests. But intends to buy UHANS U300, a new model of this company.

    1. A good budget smartphone UHANS A101. Inexpensive, stylish, supports 4G, reliable in operation. Now, if he had added a memory, it would have been much better.

      1. Advantages of this budget smartphone UHANS A101 can be appreciated when you start working in 4G networks. And about the memory you correctly mark. This would greatly enhance its performance.

  2. According to the manufacturer, the UHANS A101 will soon be replaced by UHANS A6. Also inexpensive, functional and with a larger display. Powerful and elegant. It will embody the best qualities of UHANS A101 and UHANS A101S. I want to believe the manufacturer.

    1. UHANS A101 continues to work. He is very hopeful and comfortable. What kind of UHANS A6 is actually going to be said early.

  3. I’ve been using UHANS A101 for six months already. Works flawlessly. I do not regret the money spent. He will fulfill them in full measure. I think that this is a very successful model.

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