Top 10 Smartphones in January, 2017

We know which brand leads the smartphone market. If I say the Apple iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, no one will argue. Thanks to a great performance it grabs all the prizes. But what about the top 10 smartphones in January, 2017? It turns out there are new players in this market. Not surprisingly the list includes many Chinese smartphones.

AnTuTu is known not only for its testing software but for a huge database. So every time when a new research data is published we try to analyze it. As of now, AnTuTu has published the top 10 smartphones in January, 2017. As I said above, though the leader is unchanged, the rest of devices may seem new to you. Before we get acquainted with this list you have to know the source takes into account the benchmark scores these phones have shown.

top 10

Well, the top 10 smartphones in January, 2017 is led by two popular devices in face of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. They have scored 185.494 and 175.455 points, respectively. Thus the best smartphone of January, 2017 scores the way less than the upcoming flagships such as the Xiaomi Mi 6. As you know, according to some leaked info, it scored 210.329 points. So once the Xiaomi Mi 6 is launched, it will lead the list, undoubtedly.

Surprisingly, the OnePlus 3T is the third with its 163.352 points. The LeEco Le Pro 3 is on the fourth position with 159.193 points. And the fifth model is Lenovo Zuk Edge scoring 156.202. There are also Smartisan M1 / M1L and OnePlus 3, but we are more interested in the ninth and tenth positions – the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus and Mi 5S conclude the list. Surprised? Me not, because I have always said these are the most unappreciated phones of the company. But that’s another topic of conversation.

AnTuTu has also provided a chart of the best iOS-running devices. You can get acquainted with it below.

 top 10

And finally, there is also the top 10 of the best Android devices in January, 2017. The vivo Xplay 6 and Xiaomi Mi 5 have joined the list of the aforementioned Android-running smartphones. So Xiaomi is among the best smartphone makers in the world. Although this is not a revelation, isn’t it?

top 10


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