Top 10 Chinese Smartphone Makers of 2016: Xiaomi is the 4th

China is one of the biggest markets in the world. This is one of the factors affecting the number of smartphone makers. The time has passed when Chinese products were considered as top-brand clones. Now there are many Chinese manufacturers acting as game changers. However, many of those manufacturers still have some problems with international markets. I mean they showcase astonishing results, but they are conditioned only with internal sales. Say the same Xiaomi still has no representative in the US. The newly announced white Xiaomi Mi MIX has been thought to be the pioneer in this deal, but it didn’t happen. This statement is true for the most of Chinese smartphone makers. Honestly, the absence in international markets affect the sales in the domestic market. To prove these words let’s take a peek at the table below showing how many smartphones have been sold by Chinese manufacturers in their domestic market in 2016.

top 10 chinese smartphone makers 2016

Kevin Wang, Director at IHS Technology Research in China has sent out the top 10 Chinese smartphone makers ranking:

  1. Huawei: 139 million units;
  2. OPPO: 95 million units;
  3. Vivo: 82 million units;
  4. Xiaomi: 58 million units;
  5. ZTE: 57 million units;
  6. Lenovo: 50 million units;
  7. TCL: 34 million units;
  8. Jin: 28 million units;
  9. Meizu: 22 million units;
  10. LeEco: 19 million units.

Kevin Wang also said difficult times for Xiaomi have passed and there is a fertile ground for better results. Plus, he talked about Oppo saying only 20 million sales of the R9 helped the company to climb to the second place. But I guess this is not surprising for those who are aware of Oppo plans. As you remember, the company has announced it’s going to sell 100 million phones in 2016. Though it didn’t reach the aimed number, the company provided respectable results.

The list lacks some popular brands One Plus, Uhans, Leagoo, and many more. But be sure all these brands will do their best to change the table of the top 10 Chinese smartphone makers. As for Xiaomi, we know it has many plans for 2017, and if everything goes according to the plans (I mean the Xiaomi Mi 6), there are all chances to bypass Vivo.



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