Here Are Tips To Improve Battery Life On Android Nougat/Marshmallow/Lollipop

Here are Tips To improve battery life on android nougaT

One of the major issues we all face in our smartphones is battery life. Some phones come with huge 4,000 or 5,000 mAh batteries, but normally, every smartphone user faces the battery drain issue. After the Android Nougat update, many users complained that they started facing faster battery drain. This happened with many devices, for example, the Moto G4 Plus and Nexus 6P. In this article, we will be sharing some secret tips to improve battery life on Android Nougat and no; these tips don’t include normal techniques like lowering the screen brightness or turning off the WIFI and Bluetooth. Make sure to check out Zbigz Premium Account 2017.


Here are Tips To improve battery life on android nougaT


If you use Google Maps very often, the chances are that most of the time, you keep your Location or GPS turned On. Now, this results in a significant battery drain, so it is suggested that if you aren’t using the Location service, turn off the Location. Also, you should disable the Location History that keeps tracking your location and saves it. For this, go to Settings > Location > Google Location History and turn the toggle to off.


Auto Sync means your Data from different accounts is regularly synchronized in the background without letting you know. Obviously, this will result in a faster battery drain so it is suggested that you should disable Auto Sync by going to Settings > Accounts and then tap on three dots option on top right corner. There, turn off Auto Sync Data.


Sometimes, you sleep at night after charging your phone fully but in the morning, the battery level goes from 100 to 80% and you were not even using the phone. Well, the major cause of this is the option in Wifi Settings. So, go to Settings > Wifi and tap on the Gear icon at the top. There, you will find an option ‘Keep Wifi On During Sleep.’ Just choose the option ‘Never.’


The Android device manager is very helpful in case you lost your device and wanted to lock it or find it. But the thing is that it keeps on running in the background, and so consumes a lot of power. It is suggested that you should deactivate it by going to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and then Disable Android Device Manager.



Auto backup us somewhat similar to the Auto Sync as it keeps backing up your data in the background without even letting you know. So, it is advised that you should turn it off by going to Settings > Backup and Reset > backup My Data and turn the option off.


Well, a large amount of cached data affects battery so you should clean it occasionally by going to Settings > Storage > Internal Shared Storage > Cached Data and tap on it. Now, just select ‘OK, ‘ and it will be deleted.

So, these were some tips to improve battery life on Android Nougat. These will work for Lollipop and Marshmallow also, ut this post was focussed on the Android Nougat users facing the battery drain issues. Here is a video tutorial below so check it out –


  • Naveen S

    You people are giving stupid ideas to save power. So basically you are asking to use a basic feature phone on touch screen? Battery consumption is not affected by Device Manager. It basically is an essential security feature. Stop posting such things.

    • Geoff MDB

      I agree. Useless information. They suggest we turn our smart phones into dumb phones

      • It depends on you. If you just want to enjoy all the features your phone offers despite the fact that its battery isn’t that great, then just use all the features without caring for battery. These tips are for those who are concerned about their phone’s battery and don’t want to see the black screen on their phone at the end of the day.

    • ADM causes significant battery drain and I have experienced it. These tips aren’t just posted by copying from somewhere. They have been tested out first. I myself have tried deactivating the ADM and yes, it saves the battery.

      • Naveen S

        Let me talk about this. My phone runs on nougat 7.0. I have installed lot of apps, they do take a lot of juice from my battery. I have’t disabled any of the above said things. I still manage to get 1.5 days of battery life from 3000 mAH battery. Not any high end flagship device user. I use moto G4 plus. Haven’t faced battery issues. It just depends on the way you use your phone and does not depend on the default ones!

  • Phil Donaghy

    This entire article is compete nonsense – not one of these recommendations should be followed! Number 6 completely blew my mind – the idea that deleting cached data could save you battery life… Ugh, just disgusting that this article even exists.

  • Greg Zeng

    Congrats on recognizing that battery drainage is still a big problem. Background operations can be better handled. Especially startups applications. All-In-One Toolbox (freeware) has “Toolbox”, > “Boost Speedup”. Newly installed apps often put themselves into the background booting. Remove these. This freeware has an inbuilt “Clean” function, which cleans the wasted temporary files, etc.

    “Startup Manager” (freeware) will often catch background startups as well. I use both of these, after the system upgrades or has new applications installed.

    “Widgetsoid” (freeware) can show which background operations are running, if you don’t or do want them to be running. Mine is set to show: Bluetooth, Data-Sync, GPS, Mobile-Data-Transfer, Vibrate, WiFi & Silent. Saving battery will need turning off all these functions. Sometimes they might be on. Indication from Widgetsoid shows me if this is the case.

    AMOLED screens have better battery saving with totally black-backgrounds, and with all “Live” icons & wallpapers turned off. Good smartphones also have various economy modes in their settings.
    AD Block, Adguard Content Blocker, No Startup Sound, Camera Sound Switch, SilentCam Switch, & Greenify, etc. are also useful, as a Startups. Check the Playstore for similar apps that can hibernate background applications.