Ticwatch E Review – The Best Android Wear Smartwatch (now $119.99) {Coupon Included}

About a year ago while I was mourning the loss of two my favorites smartwatch makers to a Fitbit acquisition, I was given hope for a future by a wearable called the Ticwatch 2, It featured an innovation operating system and feature a very sensitive touch controlling side strap.

Smartwatches have pretty much departed from the consciousness of consumers these days, and you rarely see anyone wearing one. Chances are if you do see someone with a smartwatch it might be either an Apple Watch or Fitbit.

While recently almost 20,000 people raised about 3.2 million$ in Kickstarter to bring its sequel to live.


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Design and Body

Ticwatch E Review

The watch is made of polycarbonate and is rated to have an IP67 water and dust resistant rating. the strap is of 20mm in width, so if you are looking to the replacen=ment band for this watch, that’s the size of want to look out for.

Though, the included strap is made of flexible silicone so they shouldn’t scratch or crack anytime soon in your daily usage with this awesome wear, unlike standard rubber strap.

Ticwatch E Review

Flipping the watch over, you find the heart-rate monitor and the charging pins for a watch.

On that note, the provided charging cable is a nice flat looking cable of 1m in length, and it’s magnetic as is the area for the charging pins in the watch, and it’s not weak either as well. Also when bringing them close they don’t hesitate to snap to each other.

General configuration

Ticwatch E Review

Pairing the watch with your phone is an easy affair, just start up the watch, open up the Android Wear app on your phone, tap on set up, then tap and select your watch name{ticwatch e} and press ok for few further prompts and you’re good to go…

User Interface

Ticwatch E Review

Getting around on the Ticwatch E was really pleasing, swiping left or right of the watch face allows you to change your current watch face design.

Swiping up from the bottom allows you to see any notifications that might have come in.

Ticwatch E Review

Sliding up from the top gives you to access some of the quick settings.

While pressing on the crown aka power button on the left opens a list of the watches installed apps, Its clear that the MediaTek processor inside of the Ticwatch E is modern capable of providing a smooth operating experience, even as I tried to jump around with commands on the watch, it generally sailed through without any issue

Ticwatch E Review

Side note OS wise, it has the October 5th Security patch, so that’s not bad either.

Now as this is watch is an Android Wear side of things but let’s run through the built-in apps to see what you get with the watch.

Agenda: this application lists out any of your upcoming events that were added to your phone’s calendar.

Alarm: it has a cool looking UI rotating the outer dials to set the time.

Contacts: It allows you to make calls and message straight from your watch.

Find my Phone: this app will obviously help you find your phone, by making it ring

Google Fit: It gives you the information and statistics on your daily exercise or lazes about as well as the ability to record your heart rate. Fit workout is basically a quick shortcut to the add workout button in fit

Fitness: This allows you to start tracking a new workout into Mobvoi own health application tracking system. more on this later.

Ticwatch E Review

Flashlight: This is what the name defines. The screen brightens up to 100% brightness level with a white background to let you see in dark

Health: Is basically Mobvoi own version of google fit like application, though even more complete and detailed version that takes advantage of the watch’s features more.

Ticwatch E Review

Heart Rate: This application allows you to keep your pulse track record and also give you a live demographic on it.

Phone: This app allows you to call a specific number or contact directly, similar to the contacts app above.

Play Store: It allows you to search for new apps for your android wear Ticwatch, as well as gives you the ability to download the companion apps for those that you have installed in your phone.

Reminders: As the name suggests, it adds reminders.

Ticwatch E Review

Settings: This app lets you access your watch customizations and tweaks, like setting the font size, volume and ring settings, removing installed apps, setting new gestures on your watch, enabling or disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, changing accessibility and personalization options and finally system setting.

Step Ranking: This another app compares your movement activity to other nearby ticwatch users.

Ticwatch E Review

Google Translate: This is an interesting one that allows you to not only quickly translate to your language of choice but by tilting the watch away from you the translated text magnifies and inverts allowing you to quickly communicate with people.

Some other novelty apps are:- Stopwatch, Timer, Weather, and Feed

Ticwatch E Review

One fun or perhaps a nagging little feature that it has is knowing when you’ve been stagnating for too long and need to get up off your ass, conversely, it knows when you are wearing the watch and after a while, it will turn the display off up until you picked the watch back up again. A pretty neat battery saving feature.

Battery Life

Ticwatch E Review Ticwatch E Review

Speaking of battery, a smartwatch is just an ornamental piece if it runs out of juice. So how well does the Ticwatch E last in day-to-day usage? Well in my use case scenario i left the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on every for time, Always-On Display turned on. Having constantly pushing notification to my watch as well as read and reply WhatsApp and messenger messages on my watch. I also do the occasional hear-rate monitoring for fun. Sound like a lot of things right?

Ticwatch E Review

Surprisingly even with this kind of use case that brought my older smartwatch to its knees, The Ticwatch E lasted about 2 days for me, which makes it more than enough to last me through a two consecutive whole day use. Heck, you could even get out more if you would turn down many of the things which I left on. Afterall Mobvoi claims that this watch is capable of lasting 48 hours.

Charging time:- Now let’s say you forgot to charge your smartwatch when its now at 10% battery left, Well if you start the charge in The Ticwatch E will take around 57 minutes to get a full load, that could easily last you above 2 days of heavy usage

Ticwatch E Review Ticwatch E Review Ticwatch E Review


All in All Mobvoi foray into the Android wear market is the best option, I think that they have done a bang-up job during my week or so of using it, I didn’t notice any slowdown, lags or issues with the watch. If you are in the market to buy a smartwatch, then Ticwatch E should be definitely on top of your list.


Ticwatch E Review


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Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.

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